Facebook’s new retail ads show in-store product availability, Huffington Post experiments with Line and WeChat

Global digital news of the day - Facebook is rolling out a new ad format that highlights available products at nearby stores and targets people who are most likely to visit the store, Huffington Post has two accounts on each messaging app: One is in English, and the other is in the local language, and more


Hillary Clinton Just Made the Best Use of Silent Autoplay With This Social Video Ad: If you‘re on one of the three major social networks, you’re used to videos that play automatically when you scroll through your feed. In fact, you’re probably so used to autoplay that you don’t stop and watch the whole video or even turn on the sound. That’s what the Clinton campaign is betting on with its new silent ad featuring model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco who asks people to consider using their voices to vote in November.

#SkittlesSurvivor: Ad creatives imagine possible Skittles responses to The Donald Jr.: Social media blew up last night with Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet that features an image of a bowl of Skittles, comparing Syrian refugees to poisoned candy. No surprise, this Skittles tweet sparked outrage for refugee comparison on social, and some agency executives wasted no time in giving it a fun twist.

Inside FT Labs, the Financial Times’ skunkworks: The Financial Times wanted to be able to plan for new or emerging technology outside its normal processes, like Amazon Echo or VR. So it created FT Labs, a small group that tackles projects that don’t fit into its normal development processes, from ad blocking approaches to web-based screens.

How media companies use influencers to build editorial brands: Marketers aren’t the only people turning to influencers to help build their brands. Thanks to a confluence of industry trends — more emphasis on content distribution, influencer marketing becoming a stable part of the marketing mix, the rise of video — media companies are tapping influencers to try to build editorial brands around them too.

Politico expands subscription service in Europe: Politico is expanding its subscriptions business in Europe, adding a seventh vertical in transportation. Some of the biggest EU regulatory updates coming down the pike in the coming months are around aviation and drones, and Politico wants to be ready when those major talking points hit.

How Huffington Post experiments with Line and WeChat: Almost every major Western publisher wants to extend its reach internationally through popular foreign messaging apps like Japan’s Line and China’s WeChat. But unlike many media companies that simply repurpose their English content on these two platforms, Huffington Post has two accounts on each: One is in English, and the other is in the local language.

Inside Wrangler’s digital strategy in Europe: Wrangler  is synonymous with cowboys. In the U.S., the jeans icon has a long history supporting rodeos and their stars — and selling its famous “cowboy cut” jeans. But in Europe, there are no Stetsons in sight. Here, the brand is looking to digital to grow its audience not on its heritage but on its product.

Terence Crutcher’s shooting was absent from Facebook Trends: Facebook said 53,000 people were talking about Terence Crutcher’s death by police, but instead it showed me Trends about Xbox, a Game Of Thrones actor, and New Jersey’s governor, even though they all had less chatter.

Zara launches first sustainable fashion line: Fast-fashion retailer Zara is trying its hand at sustainability with a new fashion line made using environmentally friendly materials. The push by Zara, which has nearly 2,000 stores in 88 countries, is indicative of the continued push for increased transparency in retail, and demonstrates the importance for retailers to commit to sustainability.

The Times is Partnering with Jigsaw to Expand Comment Capabilities: The New York Times is working together with Jigsaw, a technology incubator at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to improve and expand its comments section. Through the project, The Times’s Community desk will be able to expand comments to more articles on NYTimes.com and increase the speed at which comments are reviewed.

Spotify and Tinder Want to Help Connect Users Through Their Musical Tastes: Spotify is teaming up with Tinder to integrate the music-streaming service into the single-swiping service as a way for users to showcase their music preferences in their dating profile. The music/dating match, announced today, allows users to include a “personal anthem” that shows each person’s top artists. In a blog post Spotify said the feature could be a way to “make a little music with someone new.”

Facebook’s new retail ads show in-store product availability, can be aimed at likely visitors: To help brick-and-mortar retailers push more in-store sales — and to help itself get more of their ad budgets heading into the holiday shopping season — Facebook is rolling out a new ad format that highlights available products at nearby stores and a way to aim those ads at people who are most likely to make it into the store. The ad format is the brick-and-mortar offshoot of Facebook’s original, e-commerce-oriented Dynamic Ad format mixed with its Local Awareness format.