ComScore India Digital 2013 Report: 73.9M Web Users, Facebook Leads, Tumblr & Pinterest Fastest Growing Social Networks

The ComScore 2013 India Digital report states that India with 73.9 million internet users is the world's third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US.


Infrastructure problems thrive in the country, yet India is seeing a growing adoption by the citizens. Today India is world’s second fastest growing online population with 31% year-over-year growth, 6x the rate of global internet population growth, states the ComScore 2013 report.

The leader in measuring the digital world has released its “2013 India Digital Future in Focus” report which states that India with 73.9 million web users accessing the Internet, is the world’s third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US. However, the report excludes mobile users and considers only users above the age group of 15+ accessing the internet from a home or work PC.

Interesting numbers to take a note from the detailed whitepaper:

1. India has the second largest online population in the APAC region after China which leads with more than 54% dominance. With more than 11% share in the APAC online population is seeing a steady growth compared to 2012.

ComScore Asia Pacific Online share data

2. India’s Internet audience grew by 17.6 million users since March 2012 with a year-over-year increase of 31% second only to Brazil that has seen a 37% growth. The growth has been possible due to the youth of the country who are driving the growth of the Internet. Netizens aged between 25-34 with 39% of the share are being closely followed by the 15-24 agegroup having a 36% share. Females of the country who form the 39% of the countries online population, spend less time on the Internet.

3. Mobile is accelerating in the country and the share along with tablets is 14.2%. On the go feature of the devices has been the drive with 77% of netizens using WIFI for internet access.

4. With 25% time being spent on Social networking, the activity grabs the largest share of PC screen time in the country. Besides this Email and Internet messaging hold a significant time too.

5. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site leads the social networking growth in the country. 86% web users are visiting the site and 217 mintues are being spent on Facebook by an average user. More than 59M are accessing the network from web which has seen a 28% increase over the last 12 months.

However, the ComScore numbers don’t match with the Facebook numbers that were revealed in Q1 2013 which was 78 million. One of the reasons could be that the ComScore report is only considering 15+ users where as Facebook takes in consideration anyone over 13. Additionally the definition of daily active users and monthly active users are also different.

Recently Facebook after disclosing the Q2 2013 numbers that is 699 million daily active users (DAU) and 1.15 billion monthly active users (MAU) later revealed that the number of MAUs in India has shot up by 5 percent to 82 million for the April-June period of this year. Mobile, that has been driving the numbers of Facebook in India witnesses 75% monthly visits come from mobile i.e. 62 million users.

6. LinkedIn which last reported to have 20 million registered users in the country, is at the second spot followed by Twitter. New social networking sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are the fastest growing networking sites in the country. The interesting bit is that Zedge and Orkut stand at the 4th and 5th position but both are seeing a drop in traffic, specially Orkut with a -68% year on year.

ComScore Data 2012-13

7. Video consumption grows by 27% and with more than 31 million viewers watching videos on YouTube, the social networking video site remains the number one destination for users. Along with YouTube, Facebook also sees a growth as a video destination network too. However, Metacafe, Times Internet and Vdopia are losing out.

8. YouTube is also popular for its partnering program with leading television network in the country. T-Series Music and Sony BMG are at the top when it comes for unique visitors on the site but Star India keeps users glued to its video content for longer duration.

9. Blogs in the country has seen a phenomenal growth and with 48% year-on-year growth it is the fastest growing web category. Though blogs added 11.6 million new users but the segment is witnessing low engagement in the country. Brazil is the leading country which leads in reach of blogs category with 83% and users on an average spend 51 minutes on blogs.

10. Finally, Google accounts the vast majority (90%) of the searches in the country even though India is well below the global average of searches. The remaining 10% is being occupied by Yahoo, Ask, Facebook, etc.

The whitepaper has some more interesting visual data that could be downloaded for free here. However, in this mobile first world, one would have expected ComScore to share the mobile numbers for various categories too.