LinkedIn Enhances Company Pages With The Launch Of Language Preference Targeting And Personalized Page Feeds

LinkedIn has launched 2 new features to help brands reach more users via Company and Showcase pages: language preference targeting and the personalized page feed.

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LinkedIn Company Pages is a potential feature for brands on LinkedIn. The feature got two major enhancements to help brands reach more users: language preference targeting and the personalized page feed.

LinkedIn on its blog states that: “These new solutions, created for the Company Pages and Showcase Pages experiences, are designed to help global brands with multi-regional representation become more effective through more local content and conversation on LinkedIn.”

LanguageTargeting Company Pages

Through language preference targeting, brands with an audience from around the world can now target their Company Updates by the users’ selected language. Similarly the personalized page feed will give a unique experience to visiting members of the Company Page, that page’s feed will only show updates intended for them.

So, for example with language preference targeting a China-based company targeting English-speaking professionals in the US can now share updates in English with followers who have selected it as their preferred language on LinkedIn. Similarly the same company can have region specific update and news feed for users based in China and US.

LinkedIn which recently hit 300 million members, witnesses around 200 million members from outside of the US. Additionally, over the time the professional network has made the site available in 22 languages. Considering the global drive, these two features make more sense for global brands to go local and respect users from different parts of the world.

The new feature simplifies and streamlines the user experience to enable even more relevant communication between companies and members on the Company and Showcase Pages.