Social Media Monitoring Product Unmetric Adds Campaign Intelligence, Media Benchmarking And Revised Engagement Score

Social Media Monitoring product Unmetric introduces new features like Campaign Intelligence, Media BenchMarking And New Way To Calculate Engagement Score


Unmetric, the social media monitoring company that helps global brands understand how they stack up against their competition on social media has recently launched a new way for brands to automatically see how their social media campaigns compare to their competitors. With the new feature Campaign Intelligence, the company has also announced features like Media Benchmarking, benchmark brand metrics to the ‘median’ industry values and a new way to calculate the Engagement Score

Campaign Intelligence

With brands running campaigns aggressively round the clock and on different platforms, the challenge for the marketers is to keep an eye on them and simultaneously keep a track of the competitors. For this one needs an automatic solution such as Unmetric’s new Campaign Intelligence.

Campaign Intelligence automates the entire process for brand managers, making it fast and easy for businesses to gauge the overall activity and engagement of each campaign essentially in real time. The platform also offers unprecedented insights into how competitors’ campaigns are faring as well. The below screen grab gives you a snap shot of how the feature looks for Subway’s social media campaigns for the last week.


As it is visible the feature provides a list of the running campaigns and the relevant insights of the content posted. The feature at the moment is available for Facebook and Twitter initiatives. In addition to this you can also compare all the campaigns run by an individual brand and gauge the number of audience interactions such as Likes, Comments, Shares with the overall engagement score. For Twitter the feature gets you the details of the favourites, replies, retweets.

If that wasn’t enough the new feature lets you compare individual campaigns from different brands. You can sort all campaigns from competing brands based on their engagement score, duration or number of posts to analyze which campaign engaged the most and performed the best. Finally, with Campaigns Leaderboard, marketers can keep an eye on the campaigns that are winning the social media race in the respective industry.

Median Benchmarking

Till now marketers on Unmetric could only compare the ‘average’ value calculated from all brands in an industry. However, it’s possible that some brands in the industry have widely distributed metrics that are either very high or very low thus skewing the data. To solve the problem Median Benchmarking has been introduced.

From now one can compare brand metrics to ‘median’ industry values along with ‘average’ industry values which can help reduce the importance of outliers or distinctly large or small values in competitor data. This way analysis remains unaffected by a sudden hit or miss by your competitors and brands you monitor are always benchmarked to the consistent performance of brands in the industry.

New Engagement formula

Unmetric has given a new twist to its engagement formula and in a way has let the user decide the parameters. Usually the engagement scores for brands are calculated using the total number of audience responses (such as Likes, Comments, Shares or Retweets) divided by the total number of fans or followers of a brand. The method is a flawed one and to improve it the company has made changes.

Aditi Raghavan, Product Marketing Manager at Unmetric states that, “We’ve also been told by many of our users that an upper limit on our engagement scores would help brands better compare social media performance. To tackle with these very challenges, we are rolling out our new engagement score formula. All engagement scores on the Unmetric platform now reflect the new formulae and are exponentially damped to fall within a range of 1–1000.”

The engagement score that could be modified as per your requirements for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is under settings in the product. The below snapshot gives a look of the Facebook Engagement Score settings:


From now on users can use different values for weights to accord varying importance to audience responses such as Comments, Shares, Replies and Retweets. You can also use the total number of fans/followers as your denominator or just the total number of audience responses to a brand’s content.

2014 looks exciting with these new features, especially the Campaign Intelligence!

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at LI.