‘Women Are For Beauty, Men Are For Intelligence’ Says Euphoria Singer Palash Sen At Mood Indigo IIT-Bombay Fest

Euphoria Singer Palash Sen At Mood Indigo IIT-Bombay Fest started his concert with a slew of sexist barrage which didn't got quite well and right now is trending on social media

Dr. Palash Sen IIT-Mumbai

Dr. Palash Sen IIT-Mumbai

Dr. Palash Sen  Indian singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor best known as the founder and frontman of India’s biggest band Euphoria is today’s trending topic on social media.

What has he done now?

I initially came across the image of Palash with an article doing the rounds, specially being shared by the opposite sex on my network. My first thought was that it might be time for a new album with Christmas and New Year celebrations coming along. But I was wrong and I found the real reason of him trending on social media when I saw him trending on Twitter.

On Twitter you either trend at the top when you have said something inspiring or downright controversial. The singer is trending for his sexist remarks made at Asia’s biggest and most happening cultural fest- Mood Indigo at IIT-Bombay.

The singer started with a slew of sexist barrage by asking - “Are there good-looking girls in IIT-B?” With support from the men dominated fest, the singer further added that “Don’t worry guys, you will find the best looking women when you leave this campus. Aur woh tumhaare liye roti belenge (And they will cook for you).” He further added, “Women are for beauty, men are for intelligence. You have to agree that men are more intelligent than women, don’t you?” The crowd went hysterical at this point, shared Arpita Biswas on her blog who was one of the few women present at the fest and even booed on these comments.

Arpita, a student with the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at IIT Bombay with her research area as Caste and Gender, shared the entire incident on her blog which has spread now. The article has also been cross posted at University Express and is being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Further in her blog, Arpita thanks Palash Sen in her critical way –

“Thank you Palash Sen for your absolutely unthoughtful and unsolicited advice to all beautiful girls who’re not in IIT- “That they ought to become as intelligent as boys to come to IIT.” (implying that then men in IIT would then have more beautiful women to look at and hit on!)

She had raised her point with Mood Indigo organizers who had then played down the entire incident saying that it was all in good humor. However, with people talking on social media, here is the update from the organizers.

Post by Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay.

It would be interesting to observe what Palash will add to this incident, an apology as demanded by Arpita?

By the way this is what people are tweeting about the incident on Twitter. The keyword - Palash Sen has been trending on India Twitter Trends and is receiving a mix response on the statements made by the renowned singer.



The idea to connect with a majority of the men dominated audience went too far. Meanwhile, a Facebook post by a certain Kamakshi Khanna, a backup vocalist of Euphoria for over 2 years now, has vouched for Dr. Palash Sen’s respect for women.

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