Social Intelligence Startup Frrole Raises $245K Angel Round Funding From Sharad Sharma, Rajan Anandan And Manav Garg

Frrole,the social intelligence startup which is mining insights from Twitter data has raised angel round of funding from Sharad Sharma, Rajan Anandan,Manav Garg



Frrole – the Bangalore based social intelligence startup, which is mining insights from Twitter data, has raised angel round of funding. Reported by TC, Frrole has raised $245K in angel funding from investors including Sharad Sharma (former head of Yahoo! R&D centre in India), Google’s India MD Rajan Anandan and Eka Software founder Manav Garg.

The startup raised this round of investment on LetsVenture, a crowd funding platform launched last year to help Indian startups find angel investors from across the globe.

Co-Founder Amarpreet Kalkat had given ample amount of hint while I did a recent story on the startup’s evolution from a social newspaper to a B2B enterprise product. The ongoing election has been a boon for Frrole where it is providing Twitter data insights to television channels and media companies.

The recently concluded TV show of Headlines Today #YourVote2014, an initiative for the ongoing 2014 Lok Sabha Elections was powered by Twitter data insights provided by Frrole. Every week, HT invited three political leaders to participate in a live prime-time debate. As they debated on air, HT viewers were encouraged to tweet their reactions, comments and questions using the #YourVote2014 hashtag and the relevant guest’s name.

At the backend Frrole tracked the hashtag and performed a sentiment analysis for each guest named in the tweets. Frrole then sent sentiment scores for each guest in real time, which HT displayed periodically on the screen.

Frrole in India directly competes with international players like Flowics which entered the Indian market last year. Talking earlier about challenges, Abhishek Vaid the chief techie at Frrole finds that scale is one of the key challenges for the startup. Presumably the new round of funding would provide the required boost for Frrole.