Fiat India Makes You Feel Big With Interactive Videos For The New Linea Classic

Fiat India has launched an interactive video website to make the consumer feel big, for the launch promotions of the new Fiat Linea Classic

Fiat India introduces its latest launch – the Fiat Linea Classic with a punch. Based on the brand’s philosophy of creating ‘social content’ in order to drive communication in an interactive and personalized way, Fiat India has launched ‘Feel Big’ – an interactive online platform that makes you feel like a star.

The ‘Feel Big‘ website created by digital agency Maxus loads with a video. An unseen celebrity is making their way towards their Fiat Linea Classic on a red carpet. While the excited photographers and paparazzi are hustling about to get some sound bytes from the celebrity, the famous person is seen to be making their way towards a parked Linea. Somebody opens the door the celebrity gets in, while the camera zooms in to the steering wheel with the ‘Fiat’ logo.

Interactive videos make you feel big

Having caught the attention of the viewer, the site then asks you to log in to find out who the next superstar is. You can connect through your Facebook login or you can choose to upload a photo and register with your email address, phone number and city. If you login through Fcebook, you can choose your photo or a friend’s to get started.


A new video begins featuring this person right from him/her waking up to getting ready and leaving for work. Throughout, there are scenes in which you can see the selected profile photo being described as the ‘new superstar in town’ from featuring on the newspaper to making an entry in the television breaking news. The reports confirm that the superstar has been seen in a Fiat Linea Classic.

The video then takes you through the streets, while the Fiat Linea Classic makes its way passing around billboards with the profile photo to being waved at by passing cars and finally receiving a warm welcome at office. While you wonder who this new superstar in town is, the film reaches towards the work desk where his/her laptop reads out in large letters “The Superstar is you’!

The consumer as the hero

Although a virtual experience, it does make one feel good especially if they had chosen their own Facebook profile. With this interactive video, the automaker’s objective to make you ‘feel big’ is fulfilled; you feel like you have ‘arrived’ in life!

Besides, the Feel Big website throws up a smart call for action after this online interaction – you can book a test drive or you can make another video or share the video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email. The campaign yields test drives for Fiat Linea Classic and also helps it to be promoted on social media.

Fans on the brand’s social networks have also been encouraged to visit the website and create their own interactive videos but the promotions on the social networks haven’t been aggressive. Apparently, the Fiat Linea Classic is driving social media to reach out to the segment that wants to move up from owning a hatchback to a sedan, signifying their success in life.