Fevikwik’s ‘Todo Nahin, Jodo’ - From Grabbing Attention To Setting Off A Controversy

During the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup match, Fevikwik released its 40 second TVC with a message of bonding rather than creating tensions. After earning eyeballs it now lies surrounded in controversy


The India-Pakistan ICC World Cup match created new records not just on the field but also on digital. India maintained its unbeaten record by beating Pakistan for 76 runs – a historic win since Pakistan has lost for the sixth time to India in a world cup match.

On digital the match recorded a little more than 25 million views - one of the highest for a single game in a sporting event across the globe in one country - according to data from STAR India, the official broadcaster. No other sports event - including premier American football event Super Bowl or Wimbledon tennis - is anywhere close.

Star Sports is also the only brand which cashed in from an India-Pakistan cricket game - a big money spinner than a World Cup Cricket final. “The Star Sports ad was not only contextual but they were also quick to follow up with the post match visual. Besides they also built on the second screen experience with Twitter. I just feel that the whole thing was really planned well,” Amaresh Godbole, MD India at Digitas LBi said.

Fevikwik’s ‘Todo Nahin, Jodo‘

While other brands like Dettol, Lloyds failed to create a spark among viewers even resulting in an online backlash, a 40 second humorous campaign by Pidilite Industries for Fevikwik, popular instant adhesive brand got a fair share of positive eyeballs. Strategically launched during the captivating match, the ad captures the daily faceoff between Indian and Pakistani soldiers at the Wagah Border in a humorous and light-hearted manner.

As an Indian soldier and his Pakistani counterpart try and outdo one another during their usual border-march, the sole of the Pakistani soldier’s shoe comes apart. He looks appealingly at his rival, who, in a flurry of movement, miraculously fixes it. A slow-motion replay reveals how the Indian soldier whips out a tube of Fevikwik from his pocket and mends his rival’s shoe instantly. They salute each other and disband, at which point a voice-over and super go, ‘Fevikwik. Todo nahin, Jodo!’


The ad film has been directed by Prasoon Pandey with Ogilvy & Mather as the agency behind the campaign. “The campaign,” says the brand team, “incorporates humor to promote the message of peace and harmony, using the theme of bonding. Titled ‘Parade TVC’, it subtly weaves in the brand attributes of Fevikwik as an instant adhesive, while promoting the broader message of strengthening bonds between people.”

Fevikwik’s ‘Todo Nahin, Jodo‘ on social media

Uploaded on YouTube, the video now stands with more than 746 K views. With a decent presence on Twitter the brand has been promoting the video and at the same time initiating conversations around #TodoNahiJodo.

The efforts of the brand to focus on bonding and bringing a smile on the face of everyone at a time when social media was like a war front between fans of the two nations, hasn’t got unnoticed. The ad did receive positive feedback on Twitter, unlike the Dettol ad which got trended for all the wrong reasons.

But not everyone is happy

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has demanded immediate withdrawal of the Fevikwik’s ‘Todo Nahin, Jodo‘ ad which they find objectionable. “This is highly improper depiction of our brave soldiers on the borders. If Pidilite fails to take immediate action and withdraw the ad, we shall launch an agitation against them,” HJS national spokesperson Ramesh Shinde told IANS.

He further added: “When our soldiers are protecting the nation day and night and endangering their lives, it is totally intolerable to witness an Indian soldier paying obeisance to a Pakistani under the pretext of fixing his shoe. The ad has hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians especially as it insults the soldiers and the people of the country.”

Not sure if the Armed forces of the country have found it insulting, we would have to wait and watch if HJS takes its agitation further forcing the brand to withdraw the TVC.

Bonding people

According to Vivek Sharma, chief marketing officer, Pidilite Industries, the campaign was launched with the India Pakistan match at the World Cup 2015 because cricket, like Fevikwik, bonds people together. “We believe the new Fevikwik TVC elevates the brand attribute of bonding from a functional to emotional level.”

Definitely the ad is simple, straight forward, and ties in with the product. But it was pitted against the Star Sports India-Pakistan ad which was much more aggressive, built on the fact that India holds the bragging rights of having defeated Pakistan in all world cup games. The one minute long TVC which went viral on social media expressed the frustration of a Pakistani fan who is waiting to celebrate one win by bursting crackers.

Fevikwik carried the TVC forward on social media by building conversations and pushing the ad but it couldn’t match with the planning that Star Sports came up with. Interestingly, Fevikwik which has a dormant Facebook page missed out  sharing on it.

The major difference between the success of Star Sports and other brands who bought TV spots during the game was the lack of contextual planning. The other thing that brands missed out was tapping the second screen experience with Twitter. Taking a cue from Star Sports, hopefully, other brands will bring better integrated planning for all mediums to leverage from massive sporting events like these.