Fevikwik Can Fix Anything But Broken Hearts, There’s #PyaunPyaun For It

Fevikwik's latest ad highlights how the adhesive can mend anything from sandals, spectacles, mugs, etc, but not a broken heart, they only get a #PyaunPyaun


Fevikwik is one of those funny personalities you enjoy being around. The brand has maintained its humorous image through each of its advertisements over the years. The instant adhesive brand from Pidilite Industries has carefully built its funny reputation one hilarious ad after another.

The latest one specially designed for the social media age, is equally hilarious. It has introduced a catchy phrase called #PyaunPyaun and is making sure to infect anyone who watches it.

Titled ‘Broken Heart’, conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, the 50-second spot takes one through the journey of one man’s determined efforts at wooing women, despite having things hurled at him.

A man is seen trying to impress women in different settings using flowers and other stuff, because he knows no better. In turn, they hurl toys, sandals, etc. at him. He does not give up though. He continues the same elsewhere and is meted out the same response, when all of a sudden in Bollywood style a crowd appears and starts dancing to the tune of ‘Pyaun Pyaun’ (whatever that means)!

The lively jingle explains how Fevikwik can fix sandals, spectacles and toys but not a broken heart. For that there’s ‘Pyaun Pyaun.’

Prior to the launch of the new campaign, a #PyaunPyaun wave was created on social media with the help of a few popular Twitter folks with large follower base. The adhesive brand got together a bunch of folks to Dubsmash to the tune of #PyaunPyaun, spreading a wave of curiosity amongst their social connections.

Addictive. Fun. Engaging

#PyaunPyaun is itself an addictive term, and armed with the reach of television, it has managed to infect the masses. This time Fevikwik has added the social media angle quite creatively with the addition of Dubsmash. Getting together Twitter folks to Dubsmash to the catchy tune, has helped create a wave of #PyaunPyaun on digital.

#PyaunPyaun maybe a pointless term but a catchy one nonetheless; it has boosted a brand that has already established itself as the quickest solution to mend broken things.