Ferrero Rocher’s Golden Moments For Valentine’s Day Could Add More Shine

Ferrero Rocher has launched a digital film called Golden Moments that celebrates the hidden sweetness in all imperfections in relationships.

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It’s the season of love. And as they say in love, every imperfection has something sweet hidden inside it. This Valentine’s Day, Italian chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher has chosen to cleebrate the sweetness hidden in these imperfections. The chocolate brand has introduced special thematic branding on the packs, that are available as 5, 16 and 24 praline packs, for Valentine’s Day. Ferrero is calling it ”love wrapped in gold’ in line with its brand campaigning around ‘Golden Moments’.

There’s also a digital video titled Golden Moments where viewers have been invited to watch these stories of love and share their story with the chocolate brand. Created by Grey, the Golden Moments video highlights the little imperfections that add sweetness in every relationship with the help of three stories.

The ad begins with a woman complaining to the viewer that her husband is always checking out other women at parties, while her husband makes an entry to offer her an explanation. He says checking out other women makes him realize how lucky he is to have her. This is followed by two more stories, one in which a man seated in a car is complaining that his wife always expects him to drop her to work, to which the wife reasons that it is so as they can spend the best part of the day together.

The third couple features a girl complaining that her boyfriend never watches any romantic movies with her, to which the guy comes up with a reason that romantic movies always make her cry. The ad film ends with the voiceover saying, “Every imperfection has something sweet hidden inside it. These were their stories; tell us what makes your relationship special.”

On the digital front, the chocolate brand has leveraged Facebook to engage with fans. The brand does not have a presence on Twitter as yet. The Ferrero India Facebook page has launched a contest through a Facebook app called ‘Valentine’s Day contest‘ that needs you to like the page and accept the terms and conditions of the contest before you can proceed to participate.

Upload a picture and submit your story of love in the box provided for a chance to win a special dinner date for the two of you.  One can also win the Ferrero pralines pack. Interesting ‘golden’ visuals have been shared on Facebook.

Post by Ferrero Rocher.

Post by Ferrero Rocher.

Post by Ferrero Rocher.

Need more golden moments on social

A premium chocolate brand like Ferrero can make the most of occasions like Diwali in India and Christmas elsewhere. In an interview with ET, Emanuele Fiordalisi, marketing head at Ferrero India had said that Diwali contributes more than 30% to Ferrero Rocher’s annual sales. In fact, Ferrero has over 50% share in the premium chocolate category priced Rs 200 and above, where its rivals include Mondelez’s Toblerone and Cadbury Glow and Nestle’s Alpino. While Mondelez dominates the Rs 6,800-crore Indian chocolate market with close to 70% share, Ferrero is the fastest growing player and has cornered about 8% per cent share, stated research by Nielsen.

Last Christmas, the brand had launched the ‘Golden Christmas’ contest on Facebook, a month-long fan engagement initiative. For Valentine’s, Ferrero could do more to spread the word about Golden Moments and build brand advocacy on social media, when its competitors aren’t high on fan engagement.

The premium chocolate brand could be present on Twitter and build conversations around ‘Golden Moments’. It could rope in online influencers or food/baking bloggers to start conversations around the Valentine’s Day Golden Moments. It could co-create along with users’ golden moments to build a stronger consumer bond. Perhaps, the premium chocolate brand is still testing the waters on social media, while most premium and luxury brands have highly engaged communities in India.