How India’s Leading Women’s Magazine Femina Is Building A Community On Instagram

India's leading women's magazine is making good use of Instagram to build consumer advocacy by sharing content focused towards women's interests and current trends


Facebook-owned Instagram might not reveal the number of Indian users active on the photo and video sharing app, but a growing number of brands are finding a relevant consumer base on the social network. The fact that it is a simple way to discover the people who share similar interests as you, all on your smartphone, makes it an interesting medium for brands to explore, and build a community around shared interests.

For brands in the business of food, beauty and fashion, Instagram is a quick way to share the brand’s products as well as showcase its personality with followers on the go. One little hashtag and a picture is all it takes to find a connect with someone someplace.

For Femina, one of India’s leading women’s magazine, it was imperative to be present on Instagram - a large chunk of its target audience was already there, women looking to stay updated about fashion, makeup, food, lifestyle, love, women’s issues, and more.

Femina joined Instagram approximately 2 years ago, and is evolving on the medium, just as it is evolving and growing every day when it comes to digital. Using relevant pictures and hashtags, the brand has built a loyal follower base of more than 44K today. And credit goes to the content strategy at work here.

“A very large chunk of our target audience was already on Instagram therefore the objective here was to create content that would inspire, educate and finally lead to consumer loyalty and advocacy, says Soela Joshi,
Brand Publisher at Worldwide Media - Femina & BBC Knowledge.

Soela believes that content strategy is what makes or breaks your brand on Instagram. Knowing what appeals to your fans is a tricky job.

#WeForEquality. We can. Wear shorts, skirts, sarees & look equally fabulous in all.

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“We work closely with our digital agency FoxyMoron to curate interactive content that speaks to the world about the brand - ‘Femina’. They pay attention to what the followers are liking and looking for - the next trend, the current issue in the country and serve it on a platter for them”.

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To add to this, Femina often engages fans or collaborates with fashion and beauty bloggers. For Femina’s 55th anniversary issue, the fashion mag asked fans to send their selfies with the magazine issue that had Alia on the cover. Fans across the country sent selfies using #FeminaTurns55 and the best entries were eventually featured in the magazine.

For Femina’s ‘Made By You’ issue, it collaborated with the top fashion and beauty bloggers of the country. The cover of the MBY issue featured these women and the issue was put together with all the entries that were received from readers across categories like fashion, makeup, food, lifestyle, love, women’s issues, etc.

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Femina also makes smart use of videos on Instagram. “Instead of only posting a picture, the brand now gets to share a short story”. This one captures a little disco at the closing of Lakme Fashion Week from Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:

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Instagram is such a beautiful medium for the creative world but many still struggle. Brands think it is just another Facebook, but it isn’t. For those brands looking for tips to succeed on Instagram, Femina has shared this 6-pointer:

  1. Hastags like #Fashion, #Beauty, #Makeup, etc. are already extremely popular. So we make sure we use the popular hashtags in our updates.
  2. Shoot unique videos and photos for instagram.
  3. User generate content is very important, we often repost pictures our fans tag us in. This encourages fans to stay engaged with us.
  4. Monitor the time and frequency of posts performing well on the page.
  5. Make good use of brands and celebrities associated with you. They obviously play a huge role in brand popularity.
  6. Pick the right filter!

It’s been two years on Instagram for the women’s magazine and the brand is happy with its Instagram community. Bonding over trends and issues about women has won Femina a loyal and engaged follower base.