20 Most Shared Father’s Day Facebook Posts

A list of 20 most shared 2014 fathers day Facebook posts created with the help of Unmetric.

Castrol Biking Facebook fathers day

Last weekend was celebrated as the Fathers Day weekend. While my Facebook feed was jammed by my friends sharing their pictures with their father, brands as usual tried their best to connect with fans. Using  Unmetric we have pulled out the 20 most shared Facebook posts by brands for 2014 Father’s Day. Weightage has been given to the maximum number of shares followed by likes. You can also click on the Slideshare to find the list of 20 most shared Facebook posts.

1. Gillette India: On Father’s Day, the brand ran a foamie contest - a selfie with your dad while having foam on the face. In doing so the visual shared on Facebook became the most shared post. The post was shared by more than 2467 people and another 160K people liked it.


2. Johnnie Walker: World’s number one scotch whisky brand wished all dads by sharing a visual picture that spoke about sharing scotch. The post received more than 2298 shares and was liked by more than 7268 people.


3. Nokia India: The mobile brand not only wished but also ran a contest to create more buzz. The post which asked fans to share with a slogan for their dad and win a Nokia X and Nokia XL! got more than 1739 shares and 27K people liked it.

Nokia India Facebook Fathersday

4. Vodafone Zoozoos: The famous Zoozoos from the telco didn’t miss out to wish in their own classic style. The visual salute got more than 1670 shares and liked by more than 20649 people.


5. Dove: The brand requested its fans to thank their dad for believing in them and shared a visual message thanking dads. The visual content was shared by 747 and liked by 3293 people.



6. FirstCry.com: The eCommerce brand for kids has been celebrating Father’s Day for more than a week now. The most shared picture which got more than 590 shares spoke about the father and daughter relationship.


7. Samsung India: The electronics brand shared that - “The greatest gift from God is the man we call Dad.” The visual content received more than 279 shares and was liked by 2363 people.

Samsung India Facebook Fathers day

8. Tanishq: The premium jewelry brand asked fans to share a special wish for their dad. The visually cute message got more than 273 shares and 1901 likes.


9. Jabong: The eCommerce brand had a visual message of dad and child to be shared among fans. The content received 257 shares and liked by 2131 people.

Jabong Fathers day

10. Amazon India: This eCommerce brand had a similar thought but focused on a dad and daughter relationship. Besides the brand asked fans specially dads to send pictures of them with their child and get goodies from Johnson’s Baby. The visual content got shared by 449 people and liked by 2131.

Amazon India FathersDay Facebook

11. McDonalds India: The fast food giant shared one of its food item with fans to be shared with their dad. The visual message got more than 193 shares and was liked by 1774 people.

MCDonalds India Fathers day Facebook

12. Meri Maggi: The brand made sure to spread the message with its delicious hot bowl of MAGGI noodles. The visual content got more than 160 shares and liked by 4380.

Maggi Facebook Fathers Day


13. KFC India: The brand made sure it is not left out and similar to McDonalds it also asked fans to treat their dad with goodness. The visual content that might appeal non-veg lovers got more than 159 shares and was liked by 4626 people.

KFC India Facebook Fathers Day

14. Axis Bank: The only bank that has been part of this list wished all fathers since they are the real super hero. The visual content was shared by 157 and liked by 1864 people.

Axis Bank Facebook Fathers Day

15. Castrol Biking: The engine oil that powers the bikes around the world had a lovely and a meaningful message to be shared. The visual also asked  fans to share most cherished “riding with dad” memories to be featured on the wall. The content was shared by more than 154 and liked by more than 1062 people.

Castrol Biking Facebook fathers day

16. Chivas India: The brand asked its fans to share a few words that describe the special relationship between them and their father. In return the brand had a perfect surprise to present to their father on Fathers’ Day. The content was shared by 140 and liked by 934 people.

Chivas Facebook Fathers Day

17. Airtel India: The brand asked fans to describe their dad by giving some help in the posted visual such as personal ATM,  personal Google among others. The content was shared by 139  and liked by 1288 people.

Airtel India Facebook Fathers Day

18. Tata Docomo: The telco took a funny route and asked fans to open up and exercise their sanskaar! The content that had Alok Nath christened as the most famous father in India was shared by 127 and liked by 744 people.

Tata Docomo Fathers Day Facebook

19. Jet Airways: The only airlines brand in the list spoke about fathers being the first hero in life. The content got shared by 115 and liked by 771 people.

Jet Airways Fathers Day

20. Colgate India: The tooth paste brand promised protecting dads against cavities while they still remain the super hero for their child. The content was shared by more than 113 and 1798 people liked it.

Coalgate India Fathersday Facebook

This year, I must say, the visual content shared by brands has improved compared to last year’s effort. So which one is your favorite Facebook post from the above list?

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