Fastrack Takes The Finger Break Dancing Route For #HandsOn

Fastrack has launched a new line of watches for the youth with a break dance routine featuring fingers.The new ad is being promoted on social media with #HandsOn

Fastrack is probably the only youth brand that is known for the overtly cheeky sense of humor in its advertising campaigns. One of India’s largest youth fashion brand, Fastrack has launched a new line of watches for the youth, and as customary, the new watches have been introduced through a unique finger dancing video ‘#HandsOn‘ where the wrists feature the new collection. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the finger break-dancing has been choreographed by Lilach Chen, the inventor of the art to enact a typical night out by today’s youth.


In the new ad, there are two pairs of fingers dressed as a boy and a girl who meet at a bar and hit it off at once with their dance moves. While the finger couple go home together to have a good time, they are joined under the sheets by another finger pair dressed as a girl. Throughout the ad, the new Fastrack watches adorn the wrists of these hands. This is surely a clever idea to showcase the new collection provided the viewer looks at them rather than at the very interesting finger story!

The video that has been uploaded last week on the brand’s YouTube channel has garnered more than a thousand views, and is also being promoted on its social networks. The 7.8 million strong fan base on the Fastrack Facebook page as well as the 30K+ Twitter followers were prepared for #HandsOn through a couple of teaser updates. With visuals of the finger couple walking down the steps of the bar, the teaser updates encouraged fans to watch the space to find out what happened when they let their fingers do the talking. The video commercial was shared a few days later, bringing the suspense to an end.

Post that, the updates are sharing individual watches featuring on the wrists of these finger models. It is good that the brand has used a common hashtag #HandsOn on both the social networks to communicate the new idea, as snappy as it can be.