Fastrack Targets Youth With #MakeHellCool

A review of the Make Hell Cool campaign by Fastrack that employs a website along with Facebook and Twitter to promote itself and engage with the youth

Fastrack, the bold and definitive youth brand that emphasises on ‘moving on’ in life, has come up with an exciting campaign targeting its young consumer segment. The campaign called “Make Hell Cool” is based on the end of the world prophecy by the Mayans where the world would be ending on the 21st of December. Beginning a week prior to doomsday, the campaign urges youth to sin as much as they want so they could be a winner in hell!

About Make Hell Cool

The campaign that would be ending today, has created quite a few blasphemous ways to rock in hell. Make Hell Cool has a dedicated website that serves as a one-stop location for the campaign, complete with a background score of ‘Stairway to Hell’ and a timer with the  countdown. The website also integrates the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page.

The 3 sections Obituaries, Confessions and Last words help to share your own or your friends’ obituaries, confessions about dark secrets and your last words. If you can be hell’s finest, then you could win yourself a free ticket to attend the Koh Samui full moon party in Thailand. And daily winners could get ‘End of the World’ hampers and other Fastrack gear.

Make Hell Cool website

You need to login through your Facebook account to be able to make a confession. Once logged in, you can post an obituary or make a confession or share your last words. You can also share, comment or like other’s posts. There is also a live tweets section comprising of tweets with the hashtag #makehellcool.

Make hell cool promotes the limited edition of Fastrack ‘End of The World’ gear, specifically created for the campaign and carrying 21.12.12 date on them. Apart from displaying its lot of watches, sunglasses, bags, belts and other accessories, the site provides a store locator and the link to buy the products online as it is also integrated with the brand’s main website from where one can easily navigate back to the ‘make hell cool’ link.

How cool is it?

Youngsters are prone to ‘End of the world’ discussions and the idea of living life to the fullest occupies the most mindset in youth. Blending the two concepts into ‘Make Hell Cool’ is a cool idea that is certain to resonate with the youth. It is a well-executed campaign as well with a dedicated website and a convenient Facebook login. To add to this, the campaign further strengthens its brand positioning of ‘Move on’, where moving on to hell is made way cooler if the Mayans were right about the end of the world.

However, this looks extensive work  for a short term campaign. ‘Make Hell Cool’ is well integrated into the brand’s main site where one can also browse through the collections and buy them online or find a store nearby. The concept of integrating Facebook and Twitter in the website, will work in the brand’s favour for obvious reasons. In a nutshell, Make Hell Cool is perfectly targeted towards the youth and brings about the right engagement with them, apart from helping brand communication.

So, what do you think of ‘Make Hell cool’? Have you shared your confession yet? Do share your thoughts on the campaign.