Fashos Facebook Valentine Contest Fails To Impress

Fashos Facebook Valentine Day Contest - Single is Smart is just another way Fashos is collecting email IDs


I’ve been observing all kinds of brand promotions on my Facebook timeline in the week leading to Valentine Day. The week prior was jam-packed with kiss day, hug day or teddy day making the week an almost lousy one for the single people. Hence, when most marketing managers were caught up in the Valentine Day frenzy and cooking up all sorts of deals and discounts to catalyze sales, I was delighted to find one E commerce site doing it differently. Fashos, an E commerce portal selling fashionable footwear that calls itself ‘India’s first & finest personalized online destination for footwear’ ran a contest yesterday on its Facebook page titled ‘Single is Smart’.

Single is Smart_Fashos_contest
Single is Smart contest app

Well, for starters it was a smart move alright! Secondly the Facebook contest did not disappoint as is the case usually. All it asked fans was to tell the world that they love being single and why they think it is smart to be single and share it with friends.  And 14 smart winners stood a chance to win gift coupons worth Rs. 1400/- in a lucky draw. In the ‘Single is Smart’ app, once I clicked on the contest button, I was shown an input box to put my smart reason for being single and a list of all my Facebook friends and a ‘send’ button. I entered ‘xyz’ and clicked send without selecting any of my friends. The app took me to a thank you for participation page and I thought that was it!

Single is Smart contest

But I was so wrong! Despite the contest requiring me to ‘like’ the Facebook page before participating, to my surprise I found that I was able to participate without ‘liking’ the Facebook page. So this contest did not build the fan count although it was originally designed to do so!  In case the Facebook account manager is reading this post, you might want to remedy this!

The other glitch I came across with this contest was a strange update on the wall today - it asks you to register your details on a particular link to be eligible for the ‘Single is Smart’ lucky draw. The link takes you to the Register Now tab that asks you for an email id and postal address to send you a Welcome kit. I fail to understand why I need to register with Fashos since my details had been taken yesterday itself when the ‘Single is Smart’ app accessed my Facebook data. By the way, I just received an email asking me to register.  Is this another Email collection exercise?

Confused fans (click to enlarge)

Besides all this, the app also allows me to participate multiple times and is still on, even though the contest has been declared closed.

Although, the ‘Single is Smart’ app is a very simple form of engagement with fans and provides ample scope for spreading a good word about the brand, Fashos runs the risk of losing out in the long run.  Perhaps the gift coupon is an attractive temptation to get more registrations but it won’t do much for your bottom line. So what seemed to be an interesting campaign in the beginning,  fizzled out towards the end dashing my hopes to find a good campaign.