Fashionatclick, Fashion Brand Engages On Social Media

Fashionatclick, Fashion Brand Engages On Social Media


Fashionatclick, the word itself gives you the glimpses of a fashionable ecommerce portal. Fashionatclick is all about what women want to keep their style quotient upbeat and Manvi Singh is doing an awesome job. Manvi, the brain behind Fashionatclick is also single handedly managing the social media presence of Fashionatclick. With a presence on Facebook and Twitter both the challenge get really tough. However my telephonic conversation with Manvi was brilliant as she knew the worth of social media and as a startup she is doing genuine work. Let’s have a more detailed look into Fashionatclick’s social media presence which has brilliantly placed social media buttons right on the top of the website. It is really very cool from a customer/user perspective.

Social Media Presence of Fashionatclick

Facebook: With more than a hundred fans on Facebook it is a decent start for a brand that has launched recently.

Cool Things:

1. The Info section is complete and enough for a fan to know about the brand.

2. The Facebook wall is an active one and with relevant information’s for its brand.


The effort can be seen on the Facebook wall of Fashionatclick but one can always have some enhancements to improve and grow.

Cool Tips:

Facebook Engagement

1. Landing page is missing. Informative landing page with the focus on ‘WHY’ will motivate a fan to join the fan page. Also make sure that you don’t keep it static, keep changing it themed with certain occasions. Make your fan page lively and informative! Check out this post for free apps to build a cool landing page.

2. The content shared is relevant but it is being repetitive. A variety in content can motivate fans to engage on the wall. Maybe you can share Fashion gyan, Fashion Tips, etc. Get a fashion expert on the wall, let her interact with the fans for thirty minutes. Finally your fans are the best ones to tell you what they want so keep asking them. It is the best way to be inline with the wants of your fans.

3. Use apps such as Discussions, Polls and Questions to increase the engagement with Fans. It would be great if you can start relevant latest fashion discussions or conduct a poll on a new collection. After all for now the target customer is women so use Questions app and make full use. For e.g. ask them their view points on certain celeb style statement, ask them what they would like to see, etc.

4. Engagement is a must with fans. Even if someone has liked a post. Go ask her what made her like the link or post. Intrigue that person and you will find more engagement on the wall.

5. Appreciate fans whenever you can. You can do it weekly saying fan of the week or make it tailor made. The idea is to say thanks to your fans that are your part of the community and when you do so your good deeds are spreading. Your fans will do a positive word of mouth for you.

6. Deals are an expected future roll out but make sure that you are aware of Facebook’s terms and conditions or check this article.


Twitter: The presence on Twitter is quite a targeted one by Fashionatclick. It is connecting and engaging with trendsetters in the Fashion industry such as fashion bloggers, divas, etc. However the Twitter presence is not that vibrant as Facebook. To make one forty characters count Fashionatclick can incorporate the below tips.

Cool Tips:

Twitter Engagement

1. Logo is consistent with Facebook which is awesome but the background is bit empty. Make use of the Twitter background with relevant information of your brand. Checkout some of the cool Twitter backgrounds here.

2. Twitter info is complete with the website address but how about directing Twitter users to a personalized Twitter landing page. Check out this article to understand more about Twitter landing page.

3. Twitter is third most active network in India and it is growing too so why not increase your network. Use apps such as Followerwonk and Twellow to connect with people of your interest.

4. Twitter content is different from Facebook and that is really great. However Twitter demands more active presence than Facebook. There is no golden number of tweets but make your one forty characters count.

5. Twitter Engagement is quite amazing and great with fans. Just continue them and do more. So that more and more people are aware of your brand. Twitter is a great tool when it comes to one to one communication with your target customers so make use of it.

6. Finally monitoring Twitter activity is required so one may use apps such as Klout, Twoolr to measure and align your Twitter activities according to the objective.


Fashionatclick is a brand that is aware of the importance and reach of social media which is quite evident. We wish Fashionatclick and Manvi Singh a happy time on social media and do give a shout if you need any help.