Fashion And You Does Customer Support Via Facebook

Fashion And You Does Customer Support Via Facebook

Customer Support is a phrase that is often sworn at by customers. It is true that businesses after selling are either not interested to solve customer grievances or are too busy selling somewhere. However this doesn’t hold true for all of them and this problem also led businesses to move on to social media. Businesses are adopting social media for brand awareness, sales and also customer support. The job is really easy when you have only a few thousand fans to answer on the Facebook wall  but what if you have close to 8 lakh fans on Facebook. Fashion and You, the online ecommerce portal that eats, drinks and sleeps fashion has come up with an innovative way of customer support on Facebook. It has launched a Support app embedded in its Facebook fan page and customer satisfaction is the primary motive for this launch as expressed by Pearl Uppal, CEO, Fashion and You:

“We are proud to introduce social media customer care to India. We are a business that is driven by word of mouth and our members have been our brand ambassadors and our voice. We are immensely happy to introduce a platform where we can communicate with them more easily. This is another step we are taking to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customer. This platform will allow members to engage with us to get answers and resolutions they want, and will get our company the feedback they need to be a better, more responsive business.”


The Support app launched by Fashion and You looks like this.


Support App

1. Ask a Question-tab in the app that asks fans to post their questions about orders and other things related to the brand. Your questions are answered by employees of Fashion and You brand.

2. Share an Idea– tab is a bold idea by the brand as it is giving a chance to its fans to speak up. Fans are posting their ideas on how things should be changed or how things can be better. This feedback gathering process is useful for the brand to know more about the pitfalls and to work on them. Very cool I say.

3. Report a Problem– is a section where the grumbling takes place. So if you have a problem related to your order, payment, etc. you need to fill it up here and you are answered promptly. Far better than calling and waiting in a queue to have your grievances heard by boring call centers.

4. Give Praise- is a section where you post nice thoughts and comments for the brand that is trying hard to keep its customers happy. Fashion and You has this section quite active compared to Report a Problem.

The Support app undoubtedly is filling the gaps in Customer Support. This is a great move to help its customers and show them that as a brand Fashion and You cares for them. I am sure that we are going to see such moves as the ecommerce space is getting heated up in India.

Source: Indiainfoline