Farshad Family Talks On Social Media Brand Equity At #Indiasocial12

An article highlighting Farshad Family's Talk On Social Media Brand Equity At #Indiasocial12

Day One at IndiaSocial had one more insightful presentation from the house of Nielsen. Farshad Family, Managing Director, Nielsen Media was with us to share his thoughts on how they at their end are measuring brand’s activity on social media besides the fancy number of total fans. When such thoughts are coming from Nielsen then rest assured that the numbers and insights will hold great value for marketers.

Farshad Family
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IndiaSocial 2012 actually looked ahead in the future as most of the speakers who boarded the dais spoke about how it is time for brands now to look beyond the number of “Likes”. Farshad Family started his presentation with highlighting a basic thought – Why are brands approaching Nielsen? The simple reason being that there is no easy way to measure your social media performance beyond the number of fans. Farshad went on sharing about the various ways they are tracking social media activities for brands – Tracking starts with real time monitoring of data for both online and offline activities on a wide range of social media networks. Once this is over, they then benchmark themselves against other brands in the same category.

To explain the whole process in detail, Farshad shared a latest report. The objective of the report was to find 20 successful brands on Indian social media. To carry this exercise, Nielsen tracked close to 400 brands starting from 1st January, 2011 till 31st December, 2011. Along with this, the five major components that Nielsen looked for to come up with this report were:

1. Unique Authors

2. Buzz Levels

3. Following

4. Presence

5. Sentiment

And thereafter, Farshad shared the Top 20 brands on Indian social media before the audience of IndiaSocial 2012.

Samsung Mobile grabbed the top seat with a sizeable community on social media and with higher numbers, the brand has done a great job in generating positive conversation related to mobile phones. Next two spots where occupied by the auto giants Ford and Maruti Suzuki.

Farshad added that specially Telecom and Auto sector did well last year on social media. The success stories of Auto and Telecom also hold the fact that people love to talk and share about their gadgets on social media along with the interests in customized cars, etc. So this is a kind of a browny point for the Auto sector specially on social media.

Farshad brought in some more insights from the report, which are as follows:

1. Nike, a digital stalwart did great at combining offline and online campaigns.

2. Flipkart, proudly holds the fifth position with its amazing customer base online, due to it’s quality services.

3. Maggi, which had been the common example of an amazing case study at Indiasocial, was the only FMCG brand in top 20.

4. Airtel ,Vodafone, Tata Docomo, all the major brands made their way into the top 20 list.

For me, the Flipkart presence in the top five was something to look out for. Flipkart was up there competing with the mighty brands just on the basis of its kickass service and a very active presence on social media.

And then I thought that Farshad was ready for questions but I was wrong. Farshad went ahead and shared that marketers now get ready for social mobile. The simplest fact being that India spends 2 hrs/day on smart phones. Social media is most prevalent on mobile, expressed Farshad and that is going to be the future moving ahead. Time spent on social is constant presence on mobile screen, added Farshad and he revealed that an average Indian is spending 220 minutes on Facebook app. I think that is clear indication to marketers that the future lies in the hands of Social Mobile and not Social + Mobile.

Farshad ended his insightful talk with this positive thought on social mobile – If I am a brand, I have to think of it!

With that note, the house was open for very few questions. And for me the key takeaways were:

1. Lets think beyond the number of Likes while considering measurement.

2. And if as a brand I would like to make a mark in Indian social media then I should be brainstorming on Social Mobile.

So do you think Social Mobile is the future or do you think Farshad was being too futuristic?