Fandango now lets you buy movie tickets on Facebook, Inside the TSA’s Instagram strategy

World digital news of the day - The ticket retailer Fandango is partnering with the social network to sell film tickets directly via its platform, Burns set up the TSA Instagram account back in 2013, and it has gained more than 474,000 followers to date, and more

Why Lush Cosmetics thinks it can launch its own TV channel: Last week, Lush Cosmetics held its creative showcase. The quarterly unveiling of new products is usually limited to staff, but this time the two-day festival opened up to the public too. And this wasn’t the only change. Unlike other meetings, it featured seven film crews. Over two days, they fed Lush’s new app and online player with non-stop video content.

‘We have a very dry sense of humor’: Inside the TSA’s Instagram strategy: One collage on the Transportation Security Administration’s Instagram account features a decomposing corpse being passed through screening at the Atlanta International Airport. “This crusty ol’chap is actually a prop from the #TexasChainsawMassacre movie,” reads the caption. “He was screened and sent on his jolly way.”

Van Gogh BnB wins Gold: The Art Institute of Chicago’s Van Gogh BnB project has won four Gold awards at the Clio Awards, for Brand Design, Branded Entertainment, Engagement/Experiential, and Out of Home. Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibition ran from February 14 to May 10, 2016, focused on the artist’s three “Bedroom” paintings, presenting an in-depth study of their making and meaning to Van Gogh. To build interest in the exhibition Van Gogh’s 1888 painting, “The Bedroom”, was recreated in a specially decorated apartment.

Fandango now lets you buy movie tickets on Facebook: Fandango is bringing the movies to Facebook. The ticket retailer owned by NBCUniversal is partnering with the social network to sell film tickets directly via its platform.

2.3 million people tuned into Twitter’s NFL livestream, less than watched Yahoo’s: Twitter scored 2.3 million total viewers for its first-ever livestream of an NFL game on Thursday night, according to figures provided by the NFL on Friday that counted a view once the broadcast had played 100% in-view for at least three seconds.

Don’t Forget to Remember – Words of Wisdom: Remember A Charity Week (12th -18th September), a project of Institute of Fundraising, encourages people in the UK to consider leaving a charitable gift in their will. This year they have invited people to share their words of wisdom, using a quote generator at the website, along with the hashtag #mywisdom on social media.

This startup veteran wants to use email to build the next media empire: On Monday, Calacanis launched a site called, which functions as a Kickstarter-style system for identifying topics ripe for their own recurring “top news of the day” email newsletter. Topics that snag 1,000 sign-ups will see their own newsletters produced by Calacanis’ team.