Inside The Jabra Digital Marketing Promotions Of SRK’s Latest Movie FAN

Videos have been the primary digital marketing strategy for Yash Raj Films for its latest film FAN, along with a bunch of interesting social media engagements around the movie


Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. The 50-year-old superstar also known as SRK, King Khan, King of Bollywood has appeared in more than 80 Bollywood films and has won numerous accolades. Not just in India or Asia, the star is hugely popular around the world with many fan clubs.

Incidentally, the biggest fan club of SRK didn’t start in India but in Maldives. Muhammad Ashraf, a huge fan of SRK founded the SRK Universe fan club in 2013. Starting up with the simple motive of uniting SRK fans under one roof and promoting his movies, today the fan club has 30 branches worldwide. In fact admins from across the globe had come down to Mumbai on SRK’s 50th birthday and celebrated like diehard fans.

Muhammad, who used to fly from Maldives to India or Srilanka to see SRK’s movie first day first show, finally got a chance to meet his superstar after 20 years. Muhammad shares his love and craze for SRK in this video:

If you thought that Muhammad was the biggest fan of SRK then meet Vishal Singh from Lucknow who changed his name to Vishahrukh Khan. His wife and both his children are big fans of SRK. His home is an SRK museum, people come with friends to visit his house, his family has also dedicated themselves to his entire life. The video below is sure to blow your mind:

There are two more such fan stories published on the YouTube channel of Yash Raj Films. This series of fan videos titled ‘Tu Nahin Samjhega’ are a part of the digital marketing strategy of YRF for the promotions of SRK’s latest film, Fan. The movie hits multiplexes today, 15th April, 2016.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Fan is a thriller movie which depicts the love and hate relationship between a superstar SRK and his fan also played by SRK. Here is the trailer of the movie that is sure to give you goose bumps. In case if you are wondering how SRK is playing a young Delhi guy, his fan in the movie then the credit goes to Greg Cannom who was hired as make-up artist; to get the look SRK also went through digital 3D scanning leading to a delay on the movie release.

A movie like this which is about fans has immense scope to be marketed on digital. YRF hasn’t disappointed at all with its digital marketing strategies that’s been running for months. “Fan as a concept is about an emotional connect. This film is just an example of explaining that from a Bollywood point of view. We thought we should translate that completely into a marketing campaign and reach out and recognize all those fans around who are bound by a common emotion of being passionate about that one thing or person,” said Manan Mehta, vice-president of marketing and merchandise at Yash Raj Films to Live Mint.

Indeed, the movie is just not about one SRK fan but it is also a tribute to all those millions of fans who go to any extent to express their love for their superstar. For instance if you are a Sachin Tendulkar fan then you would know who Sudhir Kumar Choudhrie is. Hailing from the small town of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Sudhir  is widely recognized for attending every home match the Indian team has played since 2003. Today despite Sachin’s retirement, he still paints his body, watches every game with the Indian flag. YRF has recognized such fans who are not SRK fans but define the madness of all fans across the globe. Watch the video:

Social media promotions of Fan

The movie that got delayed for various reasons regained its digital promotions with the launch of the teaser. The teaser launched nine months ago has fetched more than six million views.


Post the teaser launch, the team decided to do something interesting on social media with the Fan movie logo. YepMe, the online shopping company launched #iamfan contest.

Thereafter YRF introduced Gaurav in a teaser video and created buzz around him as he represented all of us. At some point of time we all might have been a fan of someone.

Along with this the social media accounts of the movie were busy creating and sustaining the buzz around the movie with various trivia and the #iamfan contest.


The movie has one song dedicated to all the fans not just SRK’s. Launched in various regional languages along with Hindi, the song has caught the buzz of fans on social media. Named as the Fan Anthem the song was released in seven languages.


29th Feb was the date chosen for the trailer launch and it was done by SRK along with his diehard fans.

And some fans got lucky to meet the star himself, now that’s a way to launch a trailer for fans.


The next marketing move the team made was bringing back the good old days when fans used to write big letters to their stars. The social media channels asked fans to write letters for SRK which would be read by him.

While SRK made sure he finds time to read the amazing letters, he also performed requests made by his fans. Watch how SRK eats a cake without his hands and does 300 push-ups!


With the release date coming close, the team focused on building the buzz around first day first show, a trait that is followed by fans and even boasted about. #FirstDayFan was launched on social media to keep the tempo high as the movie date was coming close.

With the movie releasing today, this update will be definitely liked by SRK fans.

Jabra digital promotions

Bollywood marketing hasn’t seen much innovation when it comes to digital. One of the reason being the property is going to die in 2 or 3 months. However, this wasn’t the case with Fan, besides we all know SRK’s marketing skills.

The digital marketing focused on videos but integrated some amazing social media strategies. Definitely, the digital marketing was planned well and the buzz didn’t fade over the months. All the activities carried out from teaser release, to the launch of Gaurav, logo release and the trailer release, everything was tied to the story. For instance launching the trailer by SRK along with his fans was the most amazing move I’ve seen in recent times.

A well planned and executed digital campaign in recent times coming from Bollywood. So are you a Jabra (superior) fan of SRK and watching it first day first show?!