Why Fair & Lovely’s YouTube Video Series For Millennials Is Falling Short

To reach out to the millenials, Fair & Lovely has roped in vlogers to create videos that address their problems. We find out why the brand's efforts are falling short


Last year the total fairness cream market in India was pegged at Rs.3000 crore approximately. While there have been signs of fairness market slowing down, which Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) might refute, it is still an evergreen market, one thriving on the complex associated with dark skin in our society.

Over the years beauty companies such as HUL have made profit by selling us products that will make darker skin ‘fairer’ and thereby earn desired acceptance in society. Fair & Lovely, the fairness cream brand from HUL, till some time back promoted the idea that girls getting jobs in India is directly proportional to the color of their skin. The message was: apply Fair & Lovely, become fair in a few weeks, gain confidence and crack the job!

Be it at a dance competition, an interview for an air hostess, or wooing a groom, Fair & Lovely consumers always find success in life as they religiously apply the whitening cream. Finally last year India’s ad watchdog, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) took some bold steps and issued new ad guidelines prohibiting brands from portraying dark-skinned people negatively.

Since then HUL has had a categorical shift in it’s communication. In its new TVC, the brand tells you how the cream will make you feel better about your appearance, and avoids straying into your skin colour or your failure at securing a dream job, a life partner or the first prize at a dance competition!

With its target audience on social media and messaging apps, Fair & Lovely spoke the language of the youth. It roped in beauty and fashion vloggers to spread informative tips for aspiring interviewees (Why Fair & Lovely’s New Campaign With Beauty Bloggers Is Worth Appreciating).

For instance the below video has vlogger Navyata Malkani’s quick tips on perfecting the office look, just under 5 mins. While the 3-minute video stresses on the Fair & Lovely BB cream, it also provides content for girls to get hooked upon.

The two-week-old video has already gained more than 390K views, thanks to the pre-rolls run on YouTube and the influence new age content creators have on the youth who have ditched age old TVCs.

Not just beauty, hair and dressing tips, the Karishma Rawat video shares tips on communication. Blogger Karishma shares her top tips on how to interact with your boss, colleagues and clients. The video has more than 699K views.

If all this was not enough, the latest video from the brand has roped in blogger and actor Shanaya Sardesai to talk about how to take care of teen skin. Clearly Fair & Lovely has hit the nail on its head with this video talking about skin problems – a common problem every teen goes through. The week old video has gained 150K views.

YouTube is the coolest social networking site globally for teens and Fair & Lovely is trying to crack it with its wide variety of content. It is encouraging to see the brand drop its traditional robe to discuss common youth problems, rather than selling on the face.

However, one look at the YouTube page of Fair and Lovely is enough to kill the entire hard work the brand has done till date. Launched on 1st April 2015, the channel that has more than 1000 subscribers, has not even bothered to have a cover page. The videos are just being uploaded, the YouTube page has a bland look.

Having a channel trailer, sorted playlists and adding related videos will not only help users but also enable better discovery. Otherwise it is quite easy to get lost in the ocean of video content on YouTube. May be the brand can give a look at the YouTube pages of the enrolled vlogers or even take their suggestions on making its page presentable.

Even a simple Google search for designing a better YouTube page can address the issue in minutes. Here is one such article that talks about – 5 Tips to Design the Best YouTube Channel Page.

At a time when competitors of Fair & Lovely are using YouTube as a storehouse for their TVCs, the brand is showing great promise by creating millennial content. However the packaging and presentation is killing the video content. Hopefully, the brand sorts its YouTube page and continues working with new age content producers to create a series of web videos addressing the millennials.