Facebook’s Latest Offering – Facebook App Center

A review of the Facebook App Center, which is the Latest Offering From Facebook

Facebook in slowly conquering all points, is turning to be the synonym for Internet. With the latest announcement made on its blog about the launch of Facebook app store, Facebook has inched one more step closer to Google and Apple. Facebook’s App Center would be a store house for social apps and at the same time it will provide developers additional ways to grow and create opportunities for them to be more successful.

Besides being a one-point destination for the 900 million people who use Facebook apps, the app center would have details of the app in an app detail page. Facebook is also taking care of the quality of apps that would be hosted in the app center. Parameters like user ratings and engagement would determine the fate of the app being listed. Facebook is also providing an Insights section that would provide feedback about the app from users. A much-needed feature for developers to keep a tab on their app performance.

facebook app center
Image Courtesy: Facebook Blog

App Store for mobile:

The App center definitely is focused on growing mobile apps, which will use Facebook Login to connect.  Fans can browse the mobile App Center and download the apps that are compatible to their devices. If needed the mobile app will be sent to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. However I have a feeling Facebook wouldn’t be happy doing this for long. What if Facebook had it’s own phone or operating system? Yes, we all have heard about Facebook launching it’s own mobile but it dies even before the news may be believed by anyone. The Next Web tries to find out more from this angle and is a definitely worth a read.

Developer preparation and guidelines:

  • According to the announcement, the app store should be live in the coming weeks and developers should start preparing. Check out the App Center Tutorial to start with so that your apps are listed before the launch.
  • Make sure that your apps meet the quality guidelines, otherwise it won’t be listed. For more details, check out the App Center guidelines to be on the safe side.
  • App detail page is a must for all developers to be considered before listing in the App Center. Make sure it is complete and appealing as it would be the destination page for users to find more about the apps.
  • Facebook is offering paid apps and for that it is implementing simple-to-implement payment feature. To know more about the beta program sign up here.
  • Finally, the deadline for creating the app detail page is May 18,2012 so make sure you submit before that. Besides that, do make sure that you have read the guidelines properly to be eligible.

How is it different from other app stores?

With Apple’s App Store being home to more than 500,000 apps followed by Google Play hosting 450,000 apps, this move by Facebook is not really much different. The first look of the App Center is similar to App Store and Google Play. The only difference is that Facebook App Center is a go to place for Social Apps. And I think that is going to be a big differentiator in today’s times. It is like Facebook drawing a clear line, either you are social or you are not.

Apart from this, it is the right time to consider only apps that follow guidelines, built to increase user experience and have better user rating. Developers have been ignoring Facebook App guidelines blindly and we write about them daily. So App Center will also bring in better user experience after discarding the Facebook apps that fall short of meeting expectations.

Facebook App Center is big news for developers and for users too. As a developer, do you find this move exciting and do you think Facebook is building an ecosystem for social apps or just an another add-on feature for Facebook?

Slider image courtesy: www.pcworld.com