Facebook Wins The Volume Game And Twitter The Growth Game In First Week Of IPL 2013 [Infographic]

Drizzlin media finds out how brands have leveraged their offline branding activities on social media during the ongoing IPL6


Drizzlin, the social media marketing agency shares an infographic to understand the impact of television advertisements on social forums of brands during the first week of Indian Premier League 6.

IPL6 2013 infographic_first Week

IPL 2013 started with a bang with the very first ball of this season breaking the stumps. The rivalry between teams has transferred to brands with hundreds of crores riding on 54 days of pure entertainment. While the focus of the budget has been on television advertising and deals with franchisees, we at Drizzlin Media explored an important question of this branding fest – Have brands leveraged their offline branding activities on digital media?

To understand the impact of television advertisements on digital forums of brands, we looked at the digital footprints of all brands advertising in IPL 2013. On comparing gain in the number of fans or followers for Facebook and Twitter, we found that incremental gain was significantly higher for Twitter as compared to Facebook. Among 24 brands advertising in this IPL, 29.2% had a higher gain as compared to 36.8% on Twitter.

On doing a sector based comparison for gain in Twitter followers, we found FMCG sector was the best performing with higher gain in followers as compared to other sectors. On Facebook, a higher engagement was seen for FMCG.

On doing an in-depth analysis for the performance of these sectors and an analysis for greater growth of Twitter and higher volumes on Facebook we found the following reasons -

Greater focus of brands on Twitter

Brands have specifically focused on Twitter by running contests and events oriented towards Twitter as the primary media. In some instances brands have used Facebook as a media to promote Twitter contests, which has eventually resulted in a higher gain on Twitter.

Twitter as an open platform

Twitter discussions are open to a broader public as compared to Facebook discussions and conversations. Running events on Twitter gives brands access to a broader audience in terms of openness of network as compared to Facebook. Facebook comments are limited to private social networks of users. Moreover recent algorithmic changes in Facebook news feed pushes promoted posts as compared to organic posts that could be a result of a brand’s engaged audience. For brands it becomes an added hurdle as first, they need to engage followed by the need to ensure the spread of word of mouth created through engagement.

Moreover Twitter trends transcend audience and allow netizens to know what is happening.

Campaign assessment flexibility

Twitter allows brands to have greater access to conversations for the purpose of assessing the success of their campaign. While Facebook gives analytics about its page, the wide variety of features available through monitoring tools gives brands greater flexibility for analyzing sentiment and campaign effectiveness.

The blue whale

Facebook beats Twitter in the overall numbers game as a higher number of Indians are using Facebook as compared to Twitter. As of March, 2013 there were approximately 63+ million Facebook users as compared to 16+ million users on Twitter. Another aspect of Indian social media usage is that most Twitter users are not very aspect as compared to Facebook, which gives marketers access to greater volume of users. Also, as the number of Facebook users is almost 3.9 times Twitter users, the growth potential for Twitter becomes higher.

Slider image courtesy: www.iplt20.com