Facebook Updates Branded Content Policy, Taboola Will Now Be Packaged With Disqus,

Global digital news: Facebook has updated branded content policy to favour advertisers on the network, Taboola is making its service available to the customers of commenting platform Disqus, and more

The Daily Mail is in talks to put in a bid for Yahoo: The newspaper business hasn’t yet met with Yahoo executives, reports the Wall Street Journal, but it is in talks with “half a dozen” private equity firms about possibilities around merging.

Marriage Market Takeover for Leftover Women: International skincare brand SK-ll is running “Marriage Market Takeover”, a documentary putting a spotlight on the real-life issue of Chinese women being pressured to get married before they turn 25. In it, a number of brave Chinese women have daringly chosen to speak their mind about one of the most controversial subjects in recent Chinese history, the ”Sheng Nu” label.

Absolut Buenos Aires Cocktail City: Absolut Argentina has launched “Cocktail City”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting Absolut Buenos Aires vodka, honouring the “porteño” sprit. Following the idea that Buenos Aires is such a young city, almost like a blank page, WTF? Agency and Pernod Ricard Argentina decided to make the set for this limited edition like a small Buenos Aires, with its most iconic buildings, cafes, theaters and avenues, completely in white paper.

Facebook updates its branded content policy to trick you into watching even more ads: Facebook generally forbade publishers from sharing branded content with its vast user base, it’s since amended its stance. The gargantuan social network has published a new set of rules that seem to make it much easier for advertisers to maneuver this highly lucrative online environment.

Strongbow Nature Remix: The world’s leading cider brand, Strongbow Apple Ciders, has launched a new global marketing campaign, called ‘Nature Remix’. Through a series of coordinated acts in seven cities around the world, the campaign aims to reconnect city dwelling consumers with nature, making their everyday environment a more enjoyable place to live. The campaign comprises experiential activity, as well as a new TV commercial, digital films and social media amplification.

Taboola will now be packaged with Disqus: Expect to see Taboola’s “you might also be interested in this” thumbnail images and links in a lot more places. The content discovery platform, which provides links and images to related editorial or sponsored content at the bottom of articles on many popular sites, announced this week it is making its service available to the customers of commenting platform Disqus.

Publishing start-up Slant News shuts down: Online publishing start-up Slant News is shutting down, sources confirmed to POLITICO Media. The publishing platform, founded in February last year, paid freelance writers 70 percent of the advertising revenue generated by the articles that they wrote for the site.