How Facebook & Twitter Are Reaching Out To Small & Medium Businesses In India

With Twitter opening up ads platform for India, we look at how Facebook and Twitter are reaching out to Small & Medium Businesses In India


Ad dollars are the fuel for all major social networks, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. Last quarter Facebook posted revenues of $4.04 billion out of which $3.82 billion came from advertising itself. Twitter posted $502 million in revenues of which $452 came from advertising. These ad dollars are courtesy the investments by brands to reach out to their target audience.

While we aren’t aware how much do small and medium businesses contribute to these revenues, both Facebook and Twitter haven’t ignored them. In fact this year both the social networks have reached out to SMBs in much more effective ways.

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Facebook still considers itself a lucrative network for small business owners and merchants, even though organic growth is nearly non-existent. Earlier this year Facebook informed that 40 million SMBs have active Facebook Pages. That’s up from the 30 million Facebook said it had last June.

Later Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured that Facebook is still the best way to reach out to customers.

Facebook reaching out to Indian SMEs

India, second largest market after US, has more than 1.5 million small businesses, already using Facebook Pages. Just recently Facebook revealed that India is going to see a boost in investments for small businesses in the country with the first of many Facebook Small Business Boost events.

There are 125 million Indians who use Facebook and it already contributes $4 billion and 3,35,000 jobs to India through its marketing, platform and connectivity efforts.

Helping to advance the government’s Digital India and Skills India vision, Facebook’s Small Business Boost program has been designed to arm Indian businesses with the knowledge, skills and technology required to stay innovative and connect with customers at home and abroad, a company statement said.

At these events, attendees will engage with a broad selection of small business peers and Facebook experts to learn and share their experiences of growing an online business in today’s global economy. Hands-on training sessions will include how to effectively use mobile to reach international audiences and boost the brand online, the statement added.

This isn’t the first time Facebook is targeting the SMEs of the country. Back in 2012, Facebook and Federation Of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) had joined hands to boost the country’s local business sector or Small and Medium business enterprises. The initiative was drawn to provide educational resources, tutorials on how to build and engage via Facebook brand page and free advertising credit on the Facebook platform.

Additionally, to earn confidence, Facebook will get some of the popular SMEs that have benefited from the network after investment. It is being said that the small business panel will feature companies like Pelli Poola Jada, The Chocolate Heaven and Doctor C.

Twitter reaching out to Indian SMEs

Twitter today had good news for SMBs. The 140-character social network which has 316 million active users, has opened up its self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories.

Twitter also announced that two years later after it had launched Ads for SMBs, it has now approximately 100,000 active advertisers, up from the 60,000 that it had reported last November. Most of these advertisers represent SMBs.

Twitter ads for SMBs is also active in India, allowing businesses to set up their own budgets for campaigns. There are 51 million SMBs in India, according to market research firm Zinnov and this is good news for SMBs as well as Twitter to make some revenue from emerging markets.

Launched in 2013, Twitter’s self-service advertising platform has, so far, enabled businesses to amplify their organic Twitter message and reach more people by targeting a specific audience. The great thing about the platform is that you can set your own budgets. There is no minimum requirement for what you spend, you can start and stop your campaign at any time.

The self-service ad platform has been designed such that it is as easy to use as possible, while providing businesses and individuals with all the tools they need to advertise effectively. All you need is a Twitter account and a USD credit card to get started.

While Twitter is yet to release specific features for Indian SMBs these ways can help Indian SMBs leverage Twitter ads platform effectively.

These features include best ad formats, reaching target audience with Twitter’s ability to combine powerful targeting types such as interest, keyword, username, device, location, and TV.

With this latest announcement marketers can now target promoted tweets by country to nearly the entire world, in the 15 languages the platform supports. Twitter informs that targeting by state, province and ZIP code will soon be available globally, in the countries large enough to need the feature. Such targeting currently is limited to 18 larger markets, including the US, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Italy and Japan.

Besides Twitter’s objective-based campaigns and enhanced tracking with Tweet activity dashboard will provide SMBs measurable insights into how your organic Tweets perform.

Additionally, you can easily install conversion tracking to understand the full conversion impact of impressions and engagements from your Promoted Tweets campaigns.

Facebook has proved its success with SMBs in India but Twitter is yet to do so. For now with this latest announcement, Twitter can hope to solve its user growth problem a bit and post a better earnings report in Q3 2015.

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