How Facebook And Twitter Plan On Bringing #CWC15 Closer To Fans

Both Facebook and Twitter are working on bringing the Cricket World Cup 2015 excitement on its social network to engage with fans


Cricket madness is all set to engulf India with the coming weekend. From 14th February to 29th March, the 11th Cricket World Cup (#CWC15) will commence in Australia and New Zealand. The biggest cricketing tournament on the planet will witness 14 teams playing 49 matches in 14 venues for the coveted trophy. Having won it in 2011, India is the defending champion.

According to Facebook: “Of the over 1.3 billion people who are on Facebook, more than 100 million people are interested in cricket*. Forty-five percent of people interested in cricket on Facebook are from India.”

Clearly cricket is a religion in the country even though Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket has retired. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have already realized the massive engagement live sporting events bring to their networks. India is an important country for both Facebook and Twitter, both networks realize how important it is to bring users to its platform and keep them engaged.

#CWC15 on Facebook

Facebook with more than 100 million monthly active users in the country has issued a release in which it has stated itself as the biggest cricket stadium in the world. Along with an infograph, Facebook has  some suggestions how marketers can be successful on Facebook during cricket matches and beyond:

  • Reach people who are most likely to be engaged with the event — people interested in cricket, in specific countries, or from specific cities
  • As you develop your creative, you can use sight, sound and motion with Facebook’s Video Ads to bring your message to life
  • You will be able to layer on additional targeting to further refine your audience, such as age, gender, and other demographics

What is interesting is Facebook has talked about how brands can target fans with advanced features but is yet to introduce any  interesting feature for fans to enjoy the cricketing madness on its network. Not sure if we see some cool features being introduced in the next few days.

#CWC15 on Twitter

Twitter carries forward the #CWC15 experience for fans from where it had left for the last Football world cup. “Given the millions of cricket fans who are on Twitter, we wanted to create something that would let you follow and participate in this global event. We’ve created the Cricket World Cup timeline, your one stop for cricket Tweets, commentary and expert analysis, plus photos, videos and Vines from the sidelines at the world’s biggest cricketing event,” Twitter said on its blog.

The Cricket World Cup timeline available both on desktop and mobile has details about the upcoming games and every game has its own timeline consisting of tweets, commentary and expert analysis. This feature would become more interactive as the games begin as it was during the last year’s Football World Cup. To enjoy the same experience on mobile, users search for #CWC15 or the official match hashtag (e.g., #INDvPAK or #AUSvENG). However make sure that you are running the latest version of Twitter app on Android or iOS device.

In another blog post Twitter has shared that it has created a list of players. “Many of the players across all 14 nations competing in Australia and New Zealand are on Twitter. You can follow each of their individual journeys throughout the tournament here.” This graphic shows the most-followed players from each country in this #CWC15:

#CWC15 Most Followed Players

Similarly you can keep yourself updated by following the country you are supporting and also your rivals by following the Twitter list. Besides Twitter has shared a Dream Team composed of the most-mentioned players on Twitter over the past 12 months, forming a first Twitter XI.

The Twitter XI

With the games starting from this weekend, Twitter which has partnered with ICC for the games plans to bring more fun on social media. A Twitter-TV integration during the cricket matches could be expected as we have seen during the last IPL in India.

Looks like we will have to revisit what Twitter is doing may be at a later stage to cover the entire experience of Twitter and #CWC15. High time when Facebook gets more focused on bringing excitement on the network like it is doing for brands.

*Based on interests shared on Timelines, apps used, Pages liked and other activities on and off of Facebook