Facebook Tests New ‘Save’ Feature For Your Favorite Posts. Competition To Pocket, Instapaper?

Facebook is testing a save button feature that would allow you users to save their favorite content for later read.

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Facebook is now mulling over providing competition to Pocket and Instapaper, apps which are known for bookmarking and reading your favourite articles later. Venturebeat reports that one of their team members noticed that a “Save” button was present on some of the content in his Facebook News Feed.

The new feature – Save button that is under testing phase, is present only on links, mostly for articles, although at least one link to a Twitter picture had it. Facebook is trying out the feature with online publishers like BuzzFeed, Upworthy, Uproxx, etc.

Facebook Save Button

On desktop, there is a section in the left-side menu where saved links can be found and shared with the standard “Share” button that has long been integrated. On mobile, there is also a similar section to access saved links; swiping across a link reveals “Delete” and “Share” buttons.

However, the “Save” button does not currently appear in the Facebook Paper iOS app, only in the classic Facebook app.

The new feature of Facebook fits its long term vision of being a content consumption network, which evolved with the launch of its Paper app.

Though there is no official word from Facebook, perhaps the upcoming F8 event might hear some mention from the founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Image credit: Venturebeat