Facebook’s New Ad Films Want Small Town Women To ‘Share the Magic’

Facebook wants the small town Indian woman to not be just a passive user on the network, but share her everyday moments with her friends

Facebook is looking to right its skewed gender ratio in India. Although Facebook is the most popular social network in the country, it is still dominated by men. Moreover, the women Facebookers in India are only passive users of the social networking giant. The need of the hour is to get these women to share more on Facebook, hence its new campaign ‘Share the Magic’.

Facebook has rolled out three digital films - ‘Clothes’, ‘Sangeeta’ and ‘Jhansi’, as part of ‘Share the Magic’ conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu. The message conveyed in these films revolves around the happiness one derives by sharing their lives on Facebook, and extending their relationships over the virtual network too.

In ‘Clothes’, this girl is all dressed up in a white knitted top and jeans when she shares a picture of herself on Facebook. One can see she is avoiding her mother seated at the sofa in the living room, fearing she would taunt her on her dressing sense. Just when she’s at the door, the mother begins to say something about her clothes and the girl snaps back.

Assuming her mother will not like her clothes, she says a lot of things to her, like how everyone is wearing these kind of clothes these days. Her mother wants to say something, but she interrupts her. Finally, the hapless mother expresses herself by commenting on her daughter’s Facebook post with a ‘nice dress beta’. They smile and end up getting closer to each other, while the text in Hindi goes, ‘Share photos, share videos, share the magic’.

‘Jhansi’ is about this woman who has learnt to upload her pictures on Facebook from her daughter, and is now enjoying the discovery of long lost friends. The ad captures an amusing scene, the man of the house is busy in the kitchen while his wife is seated comfortably whiling away on Facebook on her phone, and the daughter is looking on happily at this happy change.

‘Sangeeta’ captures the surprise and excitement of staying in touch with relatives and friends despite the distance. A young woman is pleasantly surprised when she introduces her friend to her sister-in-law; the two of them already knew a lot about each other, because of staying connected on Facebook. The two have not only been exchanging pleasantries on Facebook but also recipes, event photos and other special stuff.

Simple storytelling. Right execution.

The films have a slice-of-life feel in them, capturing the kind of audience Facebook is looking to target. The women, their backgrounds and enthusiasm to stay connected is all well fit in the story. The small town places, their belief system has also been taken care of in the story, and isn’t too forced or unrealistic. Facebook has been positioned as the enabler for sharing one’s life with their social connections, to experience the magic.

‘Share the Magic’ conveys that right from getting in touch with long lost friends to bridging the generation divide, the networking giant is at the heart of joyous moments every day. But, women on Facebook already know that. Their reluctance to share their personal stuff on Facebook, and choice to just be a passive user, may be attributed to deeper social beliefs. And, cracking that would be a tough one for Facebook!