Facebook Looking To Integrate Anonymity Features

Facebook is reportedly looking at integrating anonymity features with the growing popularity of anonymous-sharing apps, such as Secret and Whisper.

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Anonymity has made the Internet popular. A majority of the thinkers want to remove anonymity from the Internet but the latest surge in the anonymous social apps such as Secret, Whisper, and others tell a different story about public demand. Facebook, which wants to replicate itself to be the Internet, is showing a keen interest in this space. With messaging sorted after the $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, the social networking giant is now looking at integrating anonymity features.

Secret, one of the latest anonymous social apps has already met with Facebook to discuss how the two companies can work together. Rumors of a $100 million offer from Facebook was hot this week but were shot down by two people familiar with the social networking giant’s plans. Facebook and Secret both have declined to comment on this development.

Facebook has been into an acquisition spree as it recently acquired Oculus — the virtual reality hardware company — for $2 billion. However, it would be too early to think that Secret could be the next one to be snapped up by Facebook.

The challenge that Facebook will now face is the backlash since it is a social network that has been investing and vouching for building a non-anonymous platform. Users do prefer to express their feelings by hiding their real identity and the popularity of platforms like Quora, Reddit, Twitter are excellent examples.

For now it is a waiting game to see what Facebook’s strategy would be on integrating anonymity on its platform.