Facebook’s New Tools Will Make Customer Support Smoother For Businesses

Facebook wants businesses to use the platform for customer support, with that in mind it has rolled out new features that will improve communications

Facebook Customer Support Features

Facebook states that there are over 50 million active business Pages and many of them are using their Page to communicate with customers. In fact, the number of messages sent to businesses on Facebook has doubled in the past year, and people now leave 2.5 billion comments on Pages every month.

Keeping this in mind Facebook has pushed new features for Pages that further empower Page owners to manage communication from any device. “We’re giving admins more control over their Page’s responsiveness badge and are launching new features that make it easier than ever for Page admins to manage both the public and private interactions they receive.”

The three major features being rolled out for Page owners:

More communication controls

Earlier this year Facebook introduced Response Rate. With this feature admins were able to tout just how fast they do answer their customers’ questions, as a number of Facebook admins report seeing a “response rate” feature.

“Because a business’s response time is central to the quality of their customer service, we set a high standard for the feature by adding the ‘Very responsive to messages’ indicator only to Pages where 90% of messages were responded to within five minutes.”

Facebook is now giving more control to Page owners by allowing them to set the average time it takes for them to reply to messages. Admins can choose to show that they respond either “within minutes,” “within an hour,” “within hours” or “within a day.”

Additionally, Page response times will now show up in Messenger threads when a person messages a business, so people know when to expect a response from the business. “We’ve also created a new messaging status called “away” that allows admins to designate when they are unavailable to respond to messages. A Page’s away status is visible on their Page, so people know the Page is unavailable to respond.”

Businesses can also have away messages sent to fans to inform about when to expect a response or where to find other information.

Redesigned inbox

The new inbox helps Page admins keep up with messages faster and manage conversations more easily.

“Now when Page admins message with people, they’ll see past interactions the person has had with the Page, as well as information the person shares publicly on their profile, like their current city. Admins can also add notes about the person, like current orders, past customer service preferences or any other relevant information.”

Admins can also add tags to categorize conversations and make them easier to find and respond to later. The redesigned inbox has been rolled out and it gives a great grip to your online customer support.

Keeping track of communications

People now leave 2.5 billion comments on Pages every month as mentioned by Facebook. Manual tracking is a nightmare, so Facebook has built a tool under the new Activity tab that helps admins monitor and respond to comments on their Page. This new tool offers admins a single place to view and respond to customer comments on both desktop and mobile. “Admins can flag interactions for follow up, reply privately or mark them as done, helping them keep better track of comments in need of responses and eliminating the risk of skipping over a customer comment.”

Going further Facebook wishes to include other Page interactions like posts, check-ins, mentions and reviews within this management tool.

Most of the features are being rolled out globally and will be available to every Page in the coming months.

During this year reports have surfaced proving it right that most brands don’t use Facebook for customer support. Facebook wants to change that and has been focusing extensively on making customer support a smooth operation. Read: 4 Facebook Incentives For Brands To Take Customer Support Seriously.

Facebook’s latest efforts make life easy for Page owners especially for SMEs who can’t afford third party tracking tools. Good news for more than 2 million small business pages from India.

“People can contact businesses anytime and from any device, so we’re offering new tools for Pages to better manage their customer interactions. Now it’s easier than ever for Pages to address both the public comments and private messages that people send them, in order to build and maintain strong relationships and grow their business,” Michael Sharon, Product Manager, Pages said.