Facebook rolls out ad campaign for Live, Scripps explores Pinterest’s Snapchat rival

Global digital news - Facebook Live campaign help users understand its Live products using user-generated footage, Like Snapchat Discover, Pinterest is launching Explore section with Scripps Networks Interactive, and more

Facebook interest based ads

YouTube joins Snapchat in criticising Facebook: ‘our audience continues to watch not scroll, with sound on: YouTube has taken a thinly veiled shot at those rivals like Facebook that would encourage advertisers to spend on videos that play without sound, using its Upfronts to reassure attendees that its audience “continues to watch not scroll” posts, with most (96%) doing so with the sound on.

Swedish Cancer Society thwarts Facebook breast cancer awareness ad ban by going square: Facebook was forced to apologise earlier this week after it accidentally removed a video campaign from the Swedish Cancer Society about breast cancer awareness, but now the group has now come up with a clever way to avoid Facebook’s censorship; turning breasts square.

Facebook says performance plummet on brand posts was just a bug: If your brands’ Facebook posts failed to catch fire earlier this month, that was likely a bug and not necessarily bad marketing, according to the social network. On Thursday, Facebook issued a statement saying a “bug” led to faulty reporting on reactions, shares and comments on organic posts, but it did not impact ads.

Many ad-blocking readers agree to see ads when the financial times asks: The Financial Times says its recent 30-day experiment with new approaches to combating the rise of ad-blocking technology was a success. The test was conducted on 15,000 registered readers. One sub-group was asked to whitelist the newspaper’s website with their ad blockers, allowing its ads to appear normally. Even though they had the option of dismissing the notice and continuing to block ads, 40% agreed to whitelist the site.

Scripps explores Pinterest’s Snapchat rival: Pinterest plans to launch its Explore section with a fitting publisher, Scripps Networks Interactive — the owner of Food Network, HGTV and Travel Channel, according to people familiar with the media partnership. Explore aims to be a rival to Snapchat Discover, and Pinterest is looking to strike similar publishing deals.

Facebook’s News Feed just got better on slower connections: Facebook’s News Feed has now been made even better for users with slow network connections – a project the social network has been working on for some time by revamping its underlying architecture to improve the way stories are ranked and displayed in the Facebook mobile application. With the latest series of improvements, Facebook will select which stories to show you based on a combination of pre-cached stories saved on the device, as well as new stories from Facebook’s servers.

Unlicensed to Kill: Pierce Brosnan sorry for ad promoting carcinogenic Indian chew tobacco product: Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has apologised for his controversial appearance in an Indian advertisement promoting a brand largely known for producing chewing tobacco.

 Snapchat swipes back at Amnesty in data row – ‘we care deeply about privacy’: Snapchat has reportedly hit back at Amnesty International after the human rights group alleged that major messaging apps were failing to take basic measures to ensure privacy. A letter penned by Snapchat’s general counsel, Chris Handman, addressed to Amnesty’s head of technology and human rights Sherif Elsayed-Ali said the upstart cared “deeply about privacy,” and that it has taken “great strides to preserve those freedoms.”

Google, Awesomeness TV and Maker Studios come under fire for influencer marketing to kids: The Center for Digital Democracy, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Public Citizen on Friday filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission asking the agency to investigate and take action against the companies for what they called “unfair and deceptive practice of targeting influencer marketing toward children.”

With its first VR series, CollegeHumor gives a completely accurate overview of presidential history: Google approached IAC-owned CollegeHumor about creating 360-degree content for YouTube and for its DayDream VR platform. The series ‘The Oval Office’ will feature six presidents, starting with today’s episode on John Adams. As you watch, you can spin the camera around and look all over the room, which is full of gags and jokes.

Facebook rolls out ad campaign to teach people about Live: Facebook has launched a campaign across the US and UK to help users understand its Live product, using user-generated footage to show its potential. A series of films countdown to a real-life live moment that Facebook users have shared publicly on the platform in the hope of building awareness. One shows a little boy getting his first haircut, for example, another shows a dog in a teddy bear outfit.

Instagram thought to be testing live video: Reports have emerged that Instagram is testing a Live video functionality. Although Instagram has declined to comment on the reports, images on a Russian news site appear to show Live video embedded into the platform. A large red button reading “Go Insta!” seems to take people to the Live function.