Facebook Rewards Hyderabad Youngsters For Finding Bugs

by Prasant Naidu on July 20, 2022


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Facebook-bounty-hunter-help-with-securityFacebook rewards two Hyderabad friends Rishal Dwivedi and Harsha Vardhan Boppana with White Hats and Bounty Program for reporting 2 bugs in it’s code.

Working as a Business Analyst in IT, I understood one thing very early in my career that reporting of bugs never ceases. Social networking sites like Facebook and others do accept the fact that today security breach is an unstoppable thing.

To control this, Facebook has started a White Hat and Bounty program. White Hat is a disclosure of the names by Facebook who have helped to find the bugs once they are found, accepted and resolved. The Bounty program is a reward based program where Facebook gives $500 for each bug found. The reward money is not fixed and can increase depending on the bug that has been reported. Additionally the bug approval process might take 10 days to 1 month and the entire process including getting the reward money may take 2-3 months.

Recently, two youngsters from the city of Hyderabad were rewarded as the White Hats from Facebook. Rishal Dwivedi and Harsha Vardhan Boppana are the two youngsters who found bugs in the social networking site. Rishal who is studying in 12th standard is also a close friend of Harsha who himself is an Electronics student studying his B. Tech from Vignan University.

Harsha who spoke to me yesterday via Facebook chat shared that he knew about the program being run by Facebook and was happy to tell me that he has also received the $1000 cash award. Harsha whose interest lies in hacking, had reported 5 bugs out of which Facebook had accepted 2 of them. The bugs that were reported dealt with issues related to password and redirection vulnerability in Facebook. On asking further details about the bugs, Harsha shared that Facebook doesn’t allow you to reveal any related information about the bugs to the public till the time it is resolved.

I believe this Facebook program is a great initiative for acknowledging and rewarding good work and also enable the network to be more strong. Harsha had also shared with me that along with Facebook he has reported bugs in Microsoft and Apple too. He is now waiting to get into the list of Microsoft and Apple like he did in Facebook.

I am sure that the renowned tech companies might pretty soon hire him considering his achievement at such a young age. And if you have the same passion for finding bugs in Facebook or have found one then click on this link to report about the bug.  Who knows your name could be featuring in the list and cash rewards coming your way from Facebook!

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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