Facebook Q3 earnings: $7.01B revenue and 1.79B users, Facebook has connected 40M people with Internet.org

World digital news of the day - Facebook had a wildly successful Q3, earning $7.01 billion in revenue and $1.09 EPS, Mark Zuckerberg has said Internet.org has helped 40 million people get online, and more

Facebook scores big in Q3 earnings: $7.01B revenue and 1.79B users: Facebook had a wildly successful Q3, earning $7.01 billion in revenue and $1.09 EPS. That’s off of from 1.79 billion monthly users, up 16% year-over-year, and growing 4.67% this quarter, speeding up from 3.63% last quarter. Daily active users rose to 1.18 from 1.13 billion last quarter, and up 17% year-over-year. Facebook now has 1.66 billion mobile MAUs up 5.7% from 1.57 billion in Q2, and it’s hit a new billion-user milestone as it reached 1.055 billion mobile-only users.

Twitch starts selling its own video ads, says they can’t be avoided via ad blockers: Twitch, the Amazon-owned video streaming platform which is today used by over 2 million broadcasters, announced today its plans to begin selling video ads in its partners’ live streams. These ads will roll out this week, and will be delivered through Twitch’s new SureStream video technology platform, which also offers smoother and more reliable streams, including ads, the company claims.

Facebook now has more users on mobile devices than anywhere else: There’s a good reason why Facebook’s mobile business is bigger than ever. The majority of Facebook’s users now access the social network exclusively on a mobile device, Facebook announced as part of its third quarter earnings. Of its 1.79 billion monthly active users, more than 1 billion are so-called “mobile only” users who only use Facebook on mobile devices.

Vimeo to start offering a paid subscription service: Vimeo, which has long been known for offering a premium subscription for video creators, announced its plans Wednesday to launch a consumer-facing subscription business.

Here’s why Facebook stock tanked despite the company crushing targets: Facebook stock is down more than 7% in after-hours trading after the company told investors to brace for a “meaningful” slowdown in revenue growth rates and for “aggressive” investments next year.

Blocking ad blockers boosted Facebook’s desktop ad revenue 18%: Facebook’s recent workaround for Adblock Plus and other ad blockers is already earning it money. On today’s blockbuster Q3 earnings call, the company said desktop ad revenue grew 18 percent year-over-year this quarter compared to around 9 percent in previous quarters, and that thwarting ad blockers was largely the cause for that boost.

Facebook has connected 40M people with Internet.org: Today on Facebook’s blockbuster Q3 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said Internet.org has helped 40 million people get online. Indeed, 0.5% percent of the world’s population is now connected to the internet thanks to Facebook’s accessibility initiatives.

Twitch’s new video ads can avoid ad blockers: Twitch is the next big name to take on ad blocking. Starting today, it’s rolling out a new ad format that’s supposed to be harder to skip. Twitch says the change will “reduce the efficacy” of ad blockers — seemingly leaving some wiggle room there under the assumption that someone’s going to find a way around them.

YouTube is still having trouble getting people to pay for YouTube: When YouTube Red launched a year ago, the plan was for the service to grow into a competitor against the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Now, less than a year later, subscriber totals show that YouTube still has a long way to go before the public will accept paying a monthly fee for YouTube.

Uber Redesigns Ride-Hailing: Uber already knows when and where its riders are traveling. Now, it wants to know where they might be traveling next and what they might want to do when they arrive — be it tomorrow or a month from tomorrow. A redesigned version of the ride-hail giant’s mobile app will use data from passenger calendars to predict likely destinations and integrate services like UberEats, Yelp, Snapchat and Foursquare into an “Uber Feed” intended to keep riders engaged and double down on the company’s convenience pitch.

Flipboard’s New Ad Platform Lets Brands Tell Their Stories: News reader app Flipboard has announced the launch of an ad platform called Storyboard that will give brands a way to craft visually appealing narratives for their audience through the use of a variety of formats, from video and articles to images, GIFs and audio.

The Tale of Thomas Burberry: Burberry has released “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”, a commercial designed as a movie trailer, telling the story of the fashion company’s founder. The trailer is described as “160 years in the making, a story inspired by the pioneering discoveries of our founder, reimagining key events that have shaped Burberry’s history”. Domhnall Gleeson plays Thomas Burberyy, the draper who invented gabardine, a tightly woven textile, and recruited high profile customers as his brand ambassadors. Sienna Miller provides the love interest.