1. Facebook plans to add third-party apps to Messenger: Mashable has learned Facebook plans to announce that it’s opening up Facebook Messenger to third-party apps during its upcoming F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco next week. The social network is set to announce about 20 third-party services, whose apps will work on top of Messenger when the integration rolls out, according to a person familiar with the matter.

2. LinkedIn launches Job Search app for Android: LinkedIn is bringing its stand-alone Job Search app to Android today. The app first launched nine months ago on iOS. The mobile app is designed to help job seekers look for new gigs on the go. Users can search by location, keyword, and job title and filter results based on company.

3. In Emerging Markets, Internet Blamed For Having Negative Impact On Morality: A new study out this morning from Pew Research takes a deep dive into the impact that Internet access is having on emerging markets, especially in terms of how it’s shaping public opinion. According to Pew Research’s study, which examined technology use in 32 emerging and developing nations, people’s thoughts on the benefits of Internet access were mixed. Those Pew spoke with were more likely to say that the Internet is a negative influence on morality, and were divided on its effect on politics. At the same time, they saw its advantages when it came to education, and to some extent, valued its effects on personal relationships and the economy.

4. Publicis opens global agency Blue 449: Publicis Groupe is launching a global media agency network called Blue 449, led by a restructured and rebranded Walker Media in the UK.

5. Twitter Experiments With Carousel Ads: Twitter is testing a new ad unit that displays app advertisements, carousel-style, in users’ feeds, just two weeks after Instagram debuted carousel ads.

6. HSBC heavy digital route in Hong Kong to celebrate 150 years: HSBC has kicked off its 150th anniversary in Hong Kong with a three-part programme that includes a digital makeover of its flagship building, a commemorative HKD150 banknote and augmented reality app, and an interactive exhibition at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. Strategic and creative support across the anniversary programme has been provided by J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong.