Facebook Offers gets revamped for mobile, Twitter is now sharing ad revenue with video creators

World digital news of the day - Facebook is allowing businesses to create two kinds of offers: one can be redeemed online, other can be redeemed in-store, Twitter will be selling ads with creator videos & share the ad revenue with those making the video content

Snapchat unpublishes its Facebook Page: Snapchat’s app page had over 6.5 million Likes before it was pulled. But it wasn’t very frequently used: Posts were being published many months apart. The last public post Snapchat made on its Facebook Page was in August 2013 (though we were told that November 2013 is actually closer to the correct date for the last post). Either way, there has been no activity for well over two years.

Twitter is now sharing ad revenue with video creators: Twitter will be selling ads with creator videos and will share the ad revenue with those making the video content. Its revenue sharing policy is more lucrative for the content providers than YouTube, offering 70 per cent to the creator and 30 per cent back to Twitter. YouTube currently only offers 55 per cent to creators while 45 per cent goes back to YouTube.

Facebook Offers gets revamped for mobile: Facebook’s goal of tracking ads all the way through to a customer’s purchase at point-of-sale is getting a big boost today with a makeover of the Facebook Offers program. Now designed to be more mobile-friendly, Facebook is allowing businesses to create two kinds of offers – those customers can redeem online and those they redeem in-store – while also making it easier for customers to pull up the coupon they need at the register.

Bonds Think of Fathers in post natal times: Bonds in Australia is marking Fathers Day 2016 with an advertising campaign “Think of Fathers” recognising the endurance required of not only post natal mothers, but also post natal dads. A tongue in cheek film features a post natal support group for dads who reflect on the impact birth has had on their dad’s bods – cravings, getting up for a feed, changed body shape and increased weight.

How chatbots will help mobile marketers: Marketing departments focus a meaningful part of their time and budget on mobile marketing. They have developed systematic methods to grow their mobile audience, including advertising and app store marketing. However, they are struggling to balance continued market penetration with soaring costs of acquisition. The ROI of the current mobile marketing channels is decreasing, chatbots offer a new approach in mobile marketing.

Snapchat makes it easier to design geofilters with customizable templates: Snapchat is making it easier for anyone to create on-demand geofilters through the launch of templates you can customize right through the company’s website. For those that just want something quick and more “do-it-yourself,” this eliminates the need to use image editing software such as Photoshop to create a geofilter around events.

Coca-Cola Debuts Its Magical New Packaging With Some Actual Magic: Coca-Cola’s grown tired of happiness, and is moving on to magic. In “Taste the Magic,” a new spot by agency David, a waiter approaches a table that’s ordered an unusual amount of Coca-Colas. (Really, nobody wanted anything else?) A woman tells him she didn’t order a regular Coke. No problem! Before her eyes, he transforms it into a Coca-Cola Zero.

Endemol Shine Beyond USA and Mashable partner for five digital series:  Endemol Shine Beyond USA, the digital subsidiary of the Dutch parent company, and Mashable, the lifestyle media brand that carries over 30 million social followers, have partnered together to distribute five series across websites, social and OTT channels. The programming will cover topics that span across eSports, tech, science, lifestyle, culture and more.

Google starts rolling out redesigned Google+ to all: Google today announced a slew of Google+ updates. The redesigned Google+ is now rolling out to all users, a few new features have been added to the social network, and it is becoming a core Google for Work service. If you didn’t try preview, you’ll be upgraded to the new design “over the next few days.”

An inside look at the social activations for TF1’s ‘Big Brother’ in France: On August 29, TF1 and NT1 brought back “Secret Story”, the French adaption of “Big Brother,” for a tenth season. To create buzz and get fans excited ahead of the season premiere, boxes of ‘#SecretCookies’ were sent out to fans, social influencers and media outlets. The fortune cookies contained real and fake secrets on the future housemates and encouraged recipients to discuss the truthfulness of the content.