Facebook Makes Native Ads Easy For Publishers

Facebook has launched new native-focused tools to help publishers more easily implement native ad formats

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Native advertising is one of the hottest properties for online marketers right now, and they attract significant spend. BI Intelligence forecasts revenue in the US from native ads on both desktop and mobile will reach $21 billion by 2108, up from an estimated $10.7 billion this year. Facebook wants a bulk of that spending.

In a latest development Facebook has announced that it is introducing new native-focused tools to help publishers more easily implement native ad formats: native ad templates, native ad management tools, and horizontal scrolling for native ads.

Native ads are ads that reflect the style of a publisher or app developer’s other content. A little more than a year ago, Facebook introduced the Audience Network –  a mobile ad network that helped extend marketers’ reach outside of Facebook for their campaigns helping developers and publishers monetize their apps.

According to Facebook since October 2014, the number of apps in the network has increased by 5X. “Today, more than half of developer revenue from Audience Network comes from native formats, and publishers are seeing 7x higher CPMs for native ads when compared to standard banners.”

While native ads have been preferred by users, banner ads tend to be ignored. Additionally Facebook’s data has shown that poorly placed ads, especially those that pop up when a user first opens an app, have an adverse effect on user experience and engagement, including lower interaction rates with future ads — even when those ads are well designed.

To overcome all this Facebook has introduced three new native-focused tools to help publishers more easily implement native ad formats. Native ad templates will help publishers to define characteristics such as font, ad height, background color, button boarder treatment, and a variety of other properties to make ad formats more in-line with the app’s natural user experience.

Native ads Facebook Audience Network

Native ad management tools will ensure that the highest performing ad is delivered at the right time to the right person. “Instead of designing a system to cache and deliver native assets, a publisher can pass control to the new native ads manager to handle this functionality, which will automatically optimize for highest performing ads.” Native Ad Manager will pre-load 10 ads and deliver based on projected yield.

Finally the horizontal scroll ad experience has been introduced to increase ad engagement and maximize the number of ads shown in the app without increasing the overall number of placements. “So we’re introducing an easy to implement h-scroll custom native template, as well as adding h-scroll support within the native ads manager.”

Facebook native ads

With this set of features, now publishers can save a lot of time and hassle while implementing native ads within their apps. Additionally, advertisers on the Audience Network can still choose to buy banner ads or interstitials (ads that appear in-between swiping between different sections of an app, or within an article, for example) if they wish.