How Facebook Is Becoming The Ideal Mobile Solution For Small & Medium Businesses

Good news for SMEs, Facebook has revamped Pages keeping the mobile consumer in mind. From making pages mobile friendly to adding a big call to action button.

Last quarter Facebook posted revenues of $4.04 billion out of which $3.82 billion came from advertising itself. While we aren’t aware how much do small and medium businesses contribute to these revenues, Facebook revealed that more than a billion people are visiting Pages every month.

To boost the confidence of 45 million active businesses on Facebook, the social network has rolled out several updates characterized as the “biggest [Pages] update since 2012.” There are few re-arrangements on desktop version of the pages but the focus is mobile. Not at all surprising when mobile is driving user and revenue growth of Facebook. ”

The new features for Pages reflect our belief that no matter if you’re a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers and support your unique goals,” said Facebook.

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The following are new changes:

1. Prominent call-to-action-buttons

A call-to-action button is the most important objective for a business. Keeping this in mind Facebook has made the button more prominent and bold, making it easier for businesses to use their Page to accomplish their goals. The new look of the call-to-action button on mobile is bigger, brighter and directly under the Page cover photo.

Facebook informs that it is also testing several new call-to-action buttons on mobile, including “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us,” making it easier for people and businesses to connect directly. “Over time, we’ll add additional calls to action to further help businesses drive their unique goals.”

2. Two new sections to Pages

Till date Pages have been a bit generic but with this new update Facebook makes Pages more specific, so different types of businesses can prominently feature the information that is most relevant to their organization.

With today’s announcements Facebook has added two new sections. The new Shop section helps retail businesses bring their products to the forefront of their Page, while the new Services section enables professional services businesses to showcase a list of their offerings at the top of their Page. For instance a boutique can add their products to their Page or highlight the line of products they sell, helping people get to know their business faster.

“Because different types of organizations need to highlight different information to meet their goals, we plan on building additional sections for Pages in the near future.”

This is definitely a big boost for facilitating commerce on Facebook via mobile. The latest announcement comes close on the heels to the testing of a Buy button for SMEs in US. Until now Facebook was testing the Buy button feature with select merchants but recently it opened up to more retailers on Shopify‘s ecommerce platform. With this feature, people on desktop or mobile can click the “Buy” call-to-action button on ads and Page posts to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook.

3. Pages become mobile friendly

With mobile becoming the first screen for entertainment and commerce, Facebook has updated the Pages layout so information is easy to find without lots of scrolling and clicking. “One way we’re doing this is by giving each Page section a corresponding tab, just like how videos and photos have their own tabs. When this new layout launches in the coming weeks, Page visitors will be able to click on the tab associated with a section to see more details.”

The Home tab, which is the landing tab on Pages, will also contain highlights of each section, so relevant information is front and center when someone first gets to a Page.

Citing comScore data, Facebook said that 75 percent of mobile time is spent in four mobile apps — one of which is Facebook. Thus the company argued, “Be where your customers are already spending their time.” People are spending more time on their phones and tablets, hence businesses need to behave as their consumers do.

The recent updates to Pages will help businesses communicate easily with people through messaging and emphasize the information that helps them drive their goals, making Facebook the mobile solution for their business.