Facebook Messenger Your Mobile Wallet, Google Completely Redesigning AdWords

Global digital news - Facebook Messenger wants to become the new PayPal, Google has announced a major redesign process for the AdWords interface, and more

Facebook Messenger might become your new mobile wallet: According to a report published by The Information on Monday, the source code for Facebook Messenger’s app “includes commands allowing a user to ‘pay in person’ or ‘pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item’ with ‘no cash needed.’” In other words Facebook Messenger wants to become the new PayPal.

Visa Heart of the Olympian: Visa Europe is running “Heart of the Olympian”, an advertising campaign designed to drive awareness of Visa’s sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games. The film at the heart of the Visa Heart of the Olympian campaign follows an athlete preparing to compete and depicts the journey he goes through in the build up to the ultimate moment; the competition.

Periscope hits 200 million live video broadcasts on its one-year anniversary: Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday, reporting it had reached more than 200 million live broadcasts. That’s more than double the number of broadcasts Twitter announced just three months ago when it launched Periscope live video streams directly within user timelines.

In a social world, Nikon asks, do you ‘like’ or ‘love’ your photos: If you like something on social media, are you doing it with thought or is it habit? That’s the question Nikon is posing in a big national advertising campaign (you’ve probably already seen it on TV) that asks viewers if they merely like something, or love it? The “Show Your Love Some Love” campaign is not just about selling Nikon cameras (although it’s mainly about that), but also a social commentary on how people today shoot photos (i.e., with their phones and sharing on social media), and how we can do better when photographing things we are really passionate about.

Google is completely redesigning AdWords: Offers first peek: On Monday, the company announced the start of a major redesign process aimed at rejuvenating the AdWords interface. The last time Google touched up AdWords was way back in 2008.

LinkedIn will let Connectifier live on, but changes are coming to the recruiting service: LinkedIn today announced its initial plan for integrating recruiting service Connectifier, which LinkedIn acquired earlier this year. Connectifier will get to live on as a standalone service, with some changes.

Tumblr is bringing back replies: Tumblr users can now interact with one another more easily. Today, the blogging platform is bringing back replies and launching the redesign of its notes feature. Tumblr’s been working on overhauling the reply format since it pulled the feature in November 2015.

How sponsored content drives more than 60 percent of The Atlantic’s ad revenue: Native advertising is estimated to reach around 75 percent of The Atlantic’s ad revenue this year, up 15 percent from 2015, according to Hayley Romer, senior vice president and publisher for The Atlantic.