Facebook’s New Mobile Ads Wish To Solve Problems Of Lead Generation

Facebook is testing Lead ads - a new set of mobile ads that would solve the pain points of lead generation by pulling information from Facebook account.

Facebook Lead ads

Ask any marketer what will he pay for the most - the answer unanimously would be for leads. While lead generation is one of the core objectives for marketers, at the same time a consumer like me hates filling up forms. Then there are other security issues and your data being shipped to the grey market.

Facebook wants to give it a try and wishes to make forms pretty useful for both the consumer and the marketer. In a recent blog post Facebook states that to solve this problem it is testing a new set of mobile ads that will make filling forms fun for users on mobile.

Labelled as the Lead Ads - Facebook informs that the mobile signup process is easier since the ads automatically populate contact information that people have given to Facebook, like email addresses. “We’re testing different versions of lead ads that would let people sign up for things like newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information.”

Facebook also informs that Lead ads use a native signup flow within Facebook. Thereby solving the problem of leaving one app and landing on other to fill up all the details.

Privacy would be a question for many with such ads but Facebook states that it is taking care of it. “People can edit their contact information, and information isn’t sent to the business until a person clicks the “submit” button. Advertisers may only use this information in accordance with their privacy policies, which we make available in the lead ad before people click submit. Advertisers are also restricted from re-selling lead information to third parties.”

As always the ads are being tested on a limited set of SMEs around the world and at a suitable time it will reveal more information.

Buying ads to obtain signups isn’t a common practice but then the network is being accessed by 1.25 billion mobile monthly users and 798 million daily mobile users, according to its Q1 2015 earnings call. These numbers will obviously tempt advertisers to test Facebook’s Lead Ads.

Facebook and advertisers will be excited to test this ad format which hopes to solve the ills of lead generation. However, wishing that re-selling lead information to third parties won’t happen is a futile one unless Facebook comes up with a strong detection mechanism.