Facebook Launches Interactive Map For Live Video, Budweiser Delivers Basketball Fans the First NBA VR

Global digital news - Facebook's Live Video feature just got global thanks to an interactive map that's rolling out on the site, Budweiser is playing the virtual reality game, by sponsoring a VR experience with the NBA's

Adobe launches visual storytelling solution Spark: Adobe has launched Spark, an integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. Free and designed for everyday communications, Adobe Spark empowers anyone – including small businesses, social marketers and students – to create stunning visual content that engages audiences across multiple channels and looks great on any device.

McWhopper for Peace Day: Burger King’s McWhopper campaign, an experiment in peace making, has been awarded the Grand Prize for Avant Garde at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, and Yellow Pencils at the D&AD Awards.

Budweiser Delivers Basketball Fans the First NBA Virtual Reality Experience: Budweiser is playing the virtual reality game, literally, by sponsoring a VR experience with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are the first NBA team to build VR technology into their official app, and Budweiser is giving away cardboard VR headsets at tonight’s NBA playoff game in Cleveland, through which fans can view basketball-themed footage. The cardboard headset also doubles as a handy beer carrying case. WME | IMG, AB InBev’s U.S. sports marketing agency of record, came up with the VR concept and designed and built the viewer.

Nuzzel launches “first network of newsletters”: An email newsletter is a single channel of communication between the author or brand and the recipient. But social news service Nuzzel wants to leverage the networking factor of having many newsletters emanate from the same place. Today, the San Francisco-based company is launching what it describes as “the world’s first network of newsletters.”

Twitter, like Facebook, adds old-school elements to its mobile ad network: Apparently it’s “Back to the Future” week for social networks’ ad networks. A few days after Facebook announced it would begin to bring its Audience Network to the desktop web for the first time — albeit only for traditional in-stream video ads at the moment — Twitter is bringing its Twitter Audience Platform to the desktop and mobile web, albeit only for some advertisers, at the moment.

Google will build its own Daydream VR headset & controller: Yesterday, Google announced plans to grow its VR efforts through a new platform called Daydream. Today, the company shared more details, including that it will build its own hardware for the platform.

This 80-Year-Old Marine Biologist Will Broadcast Her Next Sea Dive on Facebook Live: Earle, who turned 80 last summer, will take viewers on an underwater journey around the kelp forest, which is located near Ecuador and is one of the richest marine environments in the world. She will wear a state-of-the-art sea-diving suit and quite a bit of recording equipment.

#HouseGoals: Housing-obsessed UK has a perky real-estate Instagram: It doesn’t take long for a conversation in London to end up at real estate. Soaring housing costs make property the go-to topic for the city and beyond. It’s no surprise then that there’s a burgeoning new outlet: Instagram. Former Vogue content manager Emma Geary a year ago started @MewsingsLdn, devoted to images of “mews” (rows of houses) from London, with a few sprinkled in from Brighton and Edinburgh. Property porn at its finest.

Facebook launches interactive map for Live Video: Facebook’s Live Video feature just got global thanks to an interactive map that’s rolling out on the site. If you’re looking for a stream from a random stranger you can either choose one from one of the highly ranked clips on the left side of the page, or click on one of the blue dots from everyone else on the digital globe.