Facebook Just Launched Its Own Version Of Twitter’s Moments, Global Social Ad Spend Doubled At The End Of 2015

Global digital marketing news - Facebook this morning launched Sports Stadium, which at first glance appears to be its own version of Twitter's Moments, but specifically for sports, Changes to Facebook’s CPC strategy mean social ad spend growth, and more

Global social ad spend doubled at the end of 2015 thanks to Facebook’s improved ad offering: Changes to Facebook’s CPC strategy and improvements to its ad products coupled with the wider availability of Instagram ads mean social ad spend growth is overtaking search at a significant rate.

You can now loop YouTube videos directly without any third-party software: A handy feature has quietly been added to YouTube without any major fanfare from the Google-owned video service. The new tool allows viewers to set videos to loop on the desktop version of the site. In the past, the lack of an auto-repeat function meant that in order to loop a YouTube video, users would have to download a third-party extension.

Quorn snaps up cycling, swimming and hockey stars for #FoodQuorn digital push: Quorn has unveiled digital content campaign #FoodQuorn featuring well-known faces from cycling, swimming and hockey. Taking the lead from the brand’s above-the-line campaign starring Mo Farah, the digital push looks to engage with new audiences online as more healthy and active people look to replace meat once or twice a week.

Facebook Makes News Feed More Relevant Again With Organic Audience Optimization: In past years, organic reach on Facebook has been making very little impact, with marketers of late arguing that visibility is more of a “pay to play” phenomenon. Today, there’s promise for change on the horizon.

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Heineken Moderate Drinkers Wanted: Heineken is running “Moderate Drinkers Wanted,” an integrated global marketing campaign championing responsible alcohol consumption. Rooted in research that shows responsible drinking is becoming the preferred means of enjoyment for those 21+, Heineken® is using the campaign to encourage men to drink responsibly during their nights out by showcasing how potential partners may find those who practice responsible behavior more approachable.

Facebook Just Launched Its Own Version of Twitter’s Moments, but Just for Sports: Facebook this morning launched Sports Stadium, which at first glance appears to be its own version of Twitter’s Moments, but specifically for sports. As with Moments, Facebook Stadium is part of the larger platform, but it doesn’t have its own button like Moments does. Instead, users can find Facebook Sports Stadium by searching for a game they’re interested in.

Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the search engine on your iPhone: The fact that Google is the default search engine on your browser is not a coincidence. It’s a $1 billion deal between Google and Apple. That was the previously unknown revelation in a Jan. 14 court hearing around a completely unrelated issue: Oracle’s lawsuit against Google for a long-running and very boring copyright dispute about whether Google borrowed Oracle’s Java technology to build Android phones.

Facebook baking iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch in your timeline: Facebook has further baked Apple’s 3D Touch into its app for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, adding pressure-sensitivity to your timeline. The added functionality, which takes advantage of the new touchscreen technology Apple introduced with the latest versions of its smartphone last year, builds on the Facebook app for iOS’ 3D Touch-enabled quick actions from the homescreen.

Facebook open-sources Transform, a tool that cuts 360-degree video file size by 25%: At its Video @Scale conference at company headquarters today, Facebook is announcing that it’s open-sourcing Transform, a piece of software it uses to stream users’ 360-degree videos in an efficient way.