Facebook Is The Most Popular Dating Site In India

According to a survey done by , Facebook is popular dating site in emerging countries including India

facebook logo

facebook logo

No surprise here, Facebook is the preferred dating site in emerging countries including India. According to a latest survey done Market intelligence firm Jana — a well respected source for taking the emerging world’s pulse on tech topics, it was revealed  that Facebook is the preferred choice to meet someone online in countries like India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, the Phillipines, or Indonesia.

The story reported by TNW, states that one would think of some local dating sites like Shaadi (India) or Badoo (Nigeria), but Facebook beat out all of them by a wide margin. While Facebook leads in the country followed by Shaadi; Twitter also joins the race at the third spot. In countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Facebook and Twitter lead the race respectively. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of Facebook’s dominance in emerging countries.

For the research Jana surveyed 1,500 Internet users aged between 18 and 30, asking them which sites they turn to when they want to meet members of the opposite sex. 1500 is not a big sample size but one can’t doubt the popularity of Facebook in the country - Facebook is the most popular social network with 93 million monthly active users in India.

But, will the popularity of Facebook change with the spurt of mobile messaging apps in the country, especially as they provide you your private space too?