Facebook Is Giving Nightmares To Thieves Of Haveri

About how Facebook is being used by the Haveri police in Karnataka to improve the law and order situation


Until now the thieves of Haveri in Karnataka had to save themselves only from the district police. But now they have a new problem and their cause of worry is Facebook.  The popular social networking site is now giving nightmares to them by helping the Haveri police to track down criminals and also streamline traffic, as reported by TOI, Hubli.

The initiative to go social was undertaken by Superintendent Of Police, Chetansingh Rathod who created a Facebook profile in the month of August, 2011. The objective was to involve citizens in building a better society.

Today the profile page named as SP Haveri has got more than 4000 friends. Over the year, it has received good support from the common man of Haveri. The initiative has helped the department to improve the law and order situation as the information shared on the Facebook profile is very useful. The information varies from complaints, grievances to providing tips about crimes in certain areas. In addition, the page also has information about errant police personnel and traffic problems in the city.


Is it an effective move?

A very well taken initiative by Rathod and we all know if efforts are genuine then the community comes up and supports with a full heart. However, creating a Facebook page would have made more sense, as you need to add the person first for a Facebook profile. So if SP Haveri is transformed into a Facebook page, it would give wings to this initiative.

In addition to this, the activities on the page should also be increased for the initiative to spread its arms on Facebook. Nevertheless, a brilliant effort. In the past, we have shared stories on how the various Traffic Departments of India are using Facebook which is a clear indication that the usage of a technology is decided by us.

Social media can be used or abused. The whole of last week we had seen how the Government of India was up against social media and hell-bent on banning free speech. But blocking of social media is no solution. Efforts like SP Haveri should motivate us to think about how social media can be used for a better society. The baton lies in our hands!

I wish that such initiatives are adopted by other departments for the betterment of our society.