Facebook introduces new office version Workplace by Facebook, GoldieBlox uses influencers in DIY YouTube series

Global digital news of the day - Workplace by Facebook is meant to help employees collaborate with one another on products, GoldieBlox influencers build things out of household items in new DIY videos, and more

Homeless Young People – Get them to a safe place: The charity End Youth Homelessness has launched a campaign on World Homeless Day, Monday October 10, to raise awareness of the dilemma faced by 80,000 young people in the UK who find themselves trapped in dire circumstances both at home or on the streets. The campaign, “Get Them To A Safe Place”, features an online film, targeted wall art and posters.

Facebook is picking up the slack, introduces Workplace by Facebook today: A new office version of the social network, called Workplace by Facebook, became widely available today. It’s meant to help employees collaborate with one another on products, listen to their bosses speak on Facebook Live and post updates on their work in the News Feed.

Channel 4 launches elaborate multi-platform campaign for ‘Humans’ season two: To get fans excited for the October season two premiere of the science fiction drama “Humans”, Channel 4 launched an elaborate marketing campaign that issued a product safety recall for malfunctioning ‘Synths’, the series’ life-like humanoids. The promotional campaign was run both offline and online and refers to a plot line of season one, in which several Synths revolt against their human owners.

Facebook tests ads in Groups, potentially easing ad load issue: As part of a test, Facebook is showing ads in the Group feeds of some people in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. The ads resemble Facebook’s news feed ads and show up only in Groups’ feeds on Facebook’s site and mobile app. Facebook is targeting the ads to the individual members of a Group based on the Group’s topic as well as information it gleans from their respective Facebook accounts, like how old they are, where they live and what they’re interested in.

Google acquires FameBit to better connect YouTube creators with brands: Google announced on Tuesday that it has acquired FameBit, with plans to leverage its technology platform to help YouTube creators better connect with brands. FameBit started out as a service that let creators network with brands in order to strike up sponsorship or partnership deals.

Signal gets disappearing messages — but for tidiness, not privacy: Messaging app Signal is proud to be end-to-end encrypted, and privacy is their watchword — but its new ephemeral messages aren’t being billed as tools to that end, and nor should they be. Disappearing text and pictures are the main addition (along with a meatspace verification tool) of the latest version of the app.

How football site Goal is using Facebook for global reach: Football news site Goal has global ambitions. Goal was one of the first publishers to start experimenting with Facebook Live a year ago, and has since published over 200 streams in countries including the U.K., France, Italy, Spain, America, Brazil and Argentina. Rather than create generic content and seed it out to all countries, the editorial teams (350 in total) in each country create Facebook Lives in their native languages.

Why Insider is betting on Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat: Many publishers have been busy building up Snapchat content teams, but Business Insider’s distributed arm, known as simply Insider, is focused more on Instagram. The media brand has two producers from its website content team leading the effort, with the goal of publishing daily stories on each Instagram account that feature at least 10 different photos and videos.

GoldieBlox uses influencers to sell toys to young girls: Toy brand GoldieBlox, focused on young girls, is using do-it-yourself videos to reach girls and their mothers. GoldieBlox introduced “Toy Hackers” last month, a light-hearted weekly DIY YouTube series showing GoldiBlox protagonists taking on a secret mission and building something out of household items.

Avon calling: With a brand makeover, the beauty company targets millennials: Struggling to attract new sales reps — its famous army of Avon ladies — New Avon is looking to refresh its brand to appeal to a younger generation. And so “This Boss Life,” campaign with its message of independence and you-go-girl self-empowerment, aims to recruit more sales reps.

Adidas’ dark social experiment is darker than initially thought: Adidas launched its dark social experiments three months ago with ambitious plans, but so far has no “major learnings”, indicating user engagement is harder to track than it initially thought. It is the first time the brand has had one-to-one access with its hard-to-reach consumers, and taps into its ambition to become “the most personal brand”. To track the untrackable, Adidas is using WhatsApp to build hyper local communities in cities across the world, in what it dubs dedicated ‘squads’.