Facebook Introduces Bigger Ads On Its Right Hand Column. Good News For Marketers?

The ads that you see on the right-hand column of Facebook’s website are about to get bigger but they would be few stated Facebook today.



Facebook underwent a major design haul recently with a focus on bigger visuals. The move also meant that bigger ads would be rolled out. Seems the saying is coming true with the latest Facebook announcement that the ads you see on the right-hand column of Facebook’s website are about to get bigger.

According to Facebook, these ads which will be larger will be fewer in number keeping the user experience in mind. The ads are being rolled out from today, some advertisers will see the option later this month, and everyone should be switched over later this year. This also means bigger ads will be charged more. The below screen grab gives a quick look of the new bigger ads:

Facebook big right hand ads

Facebook states in its blog that – “The new look of the ads, along with their new distribution, is intended to offer a better ad experience on Facebook. In early tests we’ve seen increased engagement — up to 3X more — from people seeing the new design.”

This is good news for marketers since the new roll out solves the age old problem of smaller right hand ad visuals. Going further marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed and right-hand column placements. They can now use the same image for both, informs Facebook.

The change will be desktop-only, since the right-hand column doesn’t appear on mobile. With 53% of ad revenues coming from 945 million monthly mobile users, (acc. to Facebook Q4 2013) Facebook doesn’t want to leave the desktop ad revenue pie.