Facebook India: Predictions For 2013 By Jan Rezab

A guest post by Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, social media marketing and analytics, shares his thoughts on the Facebook growth in India and how social would Indian brands be in 2013.


In this guest post, Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, Social Media Marketing and Analytics shares his thoughts on the Facebook growth in India and how social would Indian brands be in 2013.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge boom in the use of social media, not only by individual users, but also celebrities, media and brands.  This boom has not only affected Facebook and Google+’s country of origin, but has touched nations on a global scale.  Let’s see how Facebook has performed in India and explore some trends we predict for the oncoming year.

Facebook Growth in India

Facebook has played a huge role in the success of social media popularity and just like everyone else, Indian users are setting up accounts.  In January of 2012, Facebook had a total of 799M users, with more than 41.4M accounts coming from India. After half a year, in June, Facebook’s total number of users grew to 848M, with Indian accounts increasing steadily to 46.3M. By September of 2012, the number of users in India reached 53.6M, gaining 12 221 900 new Facebook accounts.

Since November, Facebook India had 61M users. The total number of Facebook users also rose to a whopping 906M. Since we are living in a time where social media sites such as Facebook, provides a platform for global connectivity, we predict that the amount of users in India will continue to increase continually, alongside the number of Facebook users in total.


Socially Devoted Indian Brands

Indian brands are also recognizing the importance of social media marketing and reaching their fan base. Flipkart proved to be Socially Devoted, earning a 73% response rate, responding to fan questions at an average of 526 minutes. Samsung Mobile India received an 80% response rate, with an average response time of 185 minutes, and Ebay India earned a 72% response rate with an average response time of 743 minutes.

Brands, worldwide, understand how vital it is to engage with their fans, and Indian brands are no different. In 2013, we will see more Indian brands engaging fans by answering questions or creating posts that fans can relate to, making the race for most Socially Devoted all the more competitive.


Top Brands on Facebook India

Tata Docomo has the highest fan base from all of the Indian brands, reaching a total of 10,112,226 fans. Tata Docomo’s page reaches out to its fans, decorated with a cover photo that thanks its fans 10 million times, a thank you for each fan. Vodafone Zoozoos comes in second place with 5,898,917 fans, interacting with fans with its “Made for You,” campaign which offers personalized freebies, such as customized plans, music cards to send to friends, and mobile phone covers.

Nokia India came a close third, followed by 5,202,456 users.  This page is littered with downloads, sneak peaks, a chance to win three wishes, and even an offer to upload your unique hairstyle. These brand pages will continue to grow into the new year, exponentially, especially if they continue to reach their fans by creating such engaging posts. We’ll have to wait and see which brand gives Tata Docomo a run for its money.


With the number of Facebook users increasing daily in every region of the world, make sure you know how to best utilize your page in order for your brand to reach its fan base.