Facebook Gifting Platform Giftology Goes Mobile, Launches An Android App

Review of Giftology Android Application which lets you gift your Facebook Friends.

Giftology Launches Android App

Giftology, the Facebook gifting platform has come up with an Android application. Start-ups and brands alike have started to realize the importance of adapting mobile in a mobile first world. The application is available only on Android as of now and has more than 50 downloads. Giftology promises to make gifting friends simple (in 3 steps) namely:

1. Choose your Facebook Friend.
2. Select a Gift.
3. Share it with him/her and with your friends.

The web experience of Giftology has been transferred through to the application with basic functionalities resembling that of the website. The application has a tabbed interface where you can,

View Events

View any upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends and plan accordingly. The application was not showing any current birthdays of my friends in June, whereas the web version did show reminders about 4 of my friends. The push notification feature pushes the birthday notifications ‘one time too many’ and I had to permanently disable the option through the settings. May be the developers can have a look at  reducing the ‘forced visibility’.

Giftology Android App Home

Search for your Facebook Friends

You can randomly gift your Facebook friends by selecting any and the application gives you the option of sending it right away or at a scheduled later date or on your friend’s birthday. The gift selected also has the terms and conditions associated with it explaining the availability and redeem conditions of the voucher. When tried on my Nexus, the application does lag a bit on touch and is not as responsive as a standard android app is. You can customize your message while sending it to your Facebook friend with some sample templates baked in.

Giftology Android App Gifts

View your own Gifts

You can view your own gifts gifted by your friends through Giftology. I didn’t receive any as none of my friends are on Giftology. However a ‘Invite Your Friends’ option as located on their web version, is missing on the android application. The application does ask you to ‘Ask your friends to gift you’ when it figures that your gift bucket is empty, but an Invite your friends feature would have helped for an immediate call to action.

So, where does it stand?

That is all there to the application as of now. Although in its nascent stage , the application does have bugs in it which we hope the app will improve going over various updates by time. The voucher list is still not comprehensive and enticing enough for a general/novice user to be tempted and use the application on a regular basis. That is something I think Giftology would have to work on, expanding their inventory of gifts.

Also, categorization of gifts would also have helped to sort and choose for a user over various catalogs. The application can utilize Facebook’s rich social graph to customize and auto suggest gifts to their Facebook Friends. So when I am confused about what to gift my girlfriend, the application can auto suggest the things (brands) she likes and suggest gifts in their inventory according to the suggestions. Such a feat might require a large user base and an even larger inventory, but then I think Giftology with the launch of their Android application is headed in the right direction.

What do you think about Giftology’s app? Any thoughts on how they can better their services? Do let us know in comments.

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