Facebook crushes Q2 earnings with 1.71B users, Pinterest’s latest effort to woo fashion brands

Global digital news - Facebook grows its daily audience by 17% year-over-year in the second quarter to number 1.13 billion, In an effort to highlight its e-commerce efforts, Pinterest brought its online trend boards to life, and more


Inside Pinterest’s effort to woo fashion brands: In an effort to highlight its e-commerce efforts, Pinterest brought its online trend boards to life, transferring style tips from the screen to the shelf at a popup event in New York yesterday.

Why “ad load” questions overtook Facebook’s latest earnings call: There were at least five questions about ad load asked during Facebook’s earnings call. That level of attention to an in-the-weeds metric would have been weird if it weren’t for two sentences Facebook CFO David Wehner said early into Wednesday’s call.

Pandora gets into the ticket selling business while SoundCloud looks to sell: Pandora listeners now have something else they can do as they listen to their favorite artists: Buy concert tickets. Streaming music is a tough business.

Tumblr is releasing ads across blogs & giving users a cut: A post on ‘Staff’, the official Tumblr blog, the soon-to-be-Verizon-owned network announced that ads will be shown across the blog network. Another piece of good news is that publishers don’t have to participate. On-blog ads can be disabled by heading to the settings if users choose to disable the feature (while also disabling potential profits).

Facebook’s never had more users, made more money per user than in Q2 2016: Facebook is growing the amount of money it makes per person using its service twice as fast as it’s getting new people to use its service — and it’s getting a lot of new people to use its service. Not only did Facebook grow its daily audience by 17% year-over-year in the second quarter to number 1.13 billion and its monthly audience by 15% to 1.71 billion people, but it grew the amount of money it makes per user by 38% year-over-year to hit $3.82.

‘We were wasting time churning out tweets’: The Economist guide to quality over quantity: As the Economist’s social media team matures, it has moved away from playing a volume game to posting fewer posts of more quality. A year ago, 15 different tweets were written for each article the Economist published, often between five and 10 a day. Today, each article now gets between three and five tweets, according to an essay it posted to Medium earlier this week.

Pinterest poaches Snapchat’s ad research boss Gunnard Johnson: Measurement-savvy execs are about as important to a digital media company today as a three-point shooter is to an NBA team. So it’s a big deal that Pinterest has snagged Snapchat’s head of quantitative ads research, Gunnard Johnson, four months after the ad measurement vet had joined the white-hot messaging app.

Newsletter editors are the new important person in newsrooms: Publishers are rediscovering that email newsletters are a reliable way to reach readers — and serve a critically important direct connection to audiences that serves as a counterweight to the mercurial algorithms of Facebook. The popularity of email digests is giving rise to a new specialty at publishers: the newsletter editor.

Facebook sees 2 billion searches per day, but it’s attacking Twitter not Google: Facebook wants to be known as a place to search for mentions of current news in hopes of drawing more public chatter that normally ends up on Twitter. While Facebook stumbled with its natural language Graph Search, it refocused on keywords, and is now seeing 2 billion searches per day of its 2.5 trillion posts.

Yahoo launches its revamped Messenger app on Mac and Windows: Yahoo — which was just acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion — today announced that its revamped Messenger messaging app is now available on Mac and Windows. The releases come more than six months after the redesigned Yahoo Messenger arrived on the web, iOS, and Android.