This Is How Facebook’s Creative Accelerator Program In Emerging Markets Is Turning Into A Success

Earlier this year Facebook launched Creative Accelerator Program in Emerging Markets, the effort is already witnessing results and Facebook plans to scale it

Facebook Creative Accelerator Program

Earlier this year, Nestle Everyday for its Theater in a Cup campaign wanted to reach out to people in both metros and rural areas in India. Facebook worked with the brand and its agencies, Publicis Delhi and Media Alliance, to develop creative based on people’s bandwidth strengths and device types. With Facebook’s ability to bandwidth targeting, people accessing Facebook with lower bandwidths on feature phones and low-end smartphones received still images from Nestle Everyday, and people with stronger bandwidth connections and more sophisticated devices received videos in News Feed.

Facebook now informs that the campaign increased brand awareness by 9% and purchase intent by 5%. Facebook credits this to its Creative Accelerator program – a program designed to help brands unlock the power of personal storytelling in high-growth countries or emerging countries like India. Through the program, the Facebook Creative Shop has been working with seven clients and their agency partners in India, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya and Turkey to bring brands’ stories to life.

Not just Nestle, Lifebouy used photos and videos showing its soap’s effectiveness on germs to talk to moms in Indonesia about how washing hands helps keep families healthy. After the campaign, 9.4% more moms in the area associated the brand with the statement “protects effectively from germs.”

In Kenya, Coca-Cola launched a photo ad campaign designed to spread a locally relevant message of happiness. Compared to similar campaigns, ad recall increased by 18%.

Facebook also states that the success the program is witnessing is also due to the changing behavior of content consumption by netizens. “People everywhere are embracing visual communication formats, like video, at a staggering rate. More than 50% of people on Facebook in the UK, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Israel and the UAE watch a video every day,” informed Nikila Srinivasan, Emerging Markets Monetization at Facebook.

Bandwidth targeting that gives advertisers the ability to send ads based on the quality of a user’s network connection, moderating type of ad to whether a user is on a 2G, 3G or 4G / faster connection isn’t new technology for Facebook. With Creative Accelerator Facebook is not only sharing the knowledge to target developing markets but also creating campaigns, building creatives for the wide array of devices and mobile connections.

“Over the past year, as we began to make an investment in engineering, in product, in sales, in creative shops in high-growth markets, something that we tried to do is go in-market and understand how people wanted to connect with brands, and how brands were connecting with people,” Nikila said to TC. She added that there’s a particular focus on “what kind of visual languages people want to use when they interact with brands.”

With success is these initial campaigns Facebook is now looking to scale the Creative Accelerator Program globally. Middle East would be the next destination, people out there now consume more video per person than any other region in the world.