10 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos Of Indian Brands

A list of 10 best Facebook cover photos of Indian brands.

Facebook_cover_photos of Indian brands

Timeline cover images have now become a symbol of identity on Facebook. Like any main-junction-roadside-hoarding, Cover Pics in itself are considered very important in the representation of a brand.

Hence, the following post. I was curious to find out how important and seriously the Indian Brands have taken the Timeline Pic Design. I had already gone through another list of 39 Stunning and Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Pics by Peter Claridge, but I wanted something from the Indian Market. As I went on with the survey, some brands amazed me and some disappointed thoroughly. All the same, I did find a variety of concepts incorporated in the designs. Some represented true class, whereas some were more on the fun side.

Well, before I get beaten to death for dragging the suspense, here are the ones that made my Super List!

Note: The brands that have been taken into consideration are from Pinstorm’s List of Indian Influencers and Social Baker’s List of Best Brands in India. Numbers do not represent ranking, but alphabetical order.

1. Audi India

Okay. This one maybe biased. Audi has always been a favorite and when I started off the survey, this was the first page I visited. The red car on a pure white background is pure class. The snow representing the winter and red… Well, maybe Santa Claus! But whatever be their idea about it, I couldn’t help but stare at the red beauty.

Audi India facebook

2. Flipkart

All of Flipkart’s Timeline Pics have been about “Flipkart Celebrates….” And each and every single time they come up with a real apt and a beauty of an image to go with the tagline. In this latest pic, it’s not just the content that I loved but also the quality of the cartoon drawn. Mostly I have seen vector images without much detailing being used, for the Cover pics. This one’s different and a good one at it too.

Flipkart facebook

3. Happydent India

There have been a zillion brands that put up images of their “Fan of the Week” on the east or west corner of their Cover Pic, thinking it’ll increase loyalty towards the brand, etc. etc. Presently it has just become one of those “Everyone does it so I do it” strategy. What made Happydent’s Design stand out from the rest was that the fan was the “only” element in the design. Even the Happydent’s Seal had been pushed off to a corner. The focus is completely on the fan and hasn’t just been restricted to an element.

Happydent India facebook

4. Kingfisher

What are the three things that come to your mind when someone says Kingfisher? Beer, Calendar Girls and F1 Team. All these three have been integrated in the design. And that too with good aesthetic sense. Need I say more?

Kingfisher facebook

5. Mountain Dew India

This one’s my personal favorite of the lot. The Cover Pic is made up of a collage of different adventure sports with adrenaline, danger and thrill written all over it! Exactly what the brand stands to depict. You add a well-integrated thumbnail pic to the list and get a wonderfully designed cover pic. One look and you understand what the brand is all about. Period.

Mountain Dew facebook

6. Nike Football India

This one made the list out of pure style and sexiness. And had me drooling over it. The ACC Boots that adorn the cover pic is all about being the lightest, greenest boot with bio based traction plate. Maybe it was because these boots were on my New Year Wishlist, but well, I loved how they have used the movement of water in the pic to explain so much about the speciality of the boots. But even from a layman’s point of view, the image in itself would leave your mouth watering.

Nike Football India

7. Pepsi India

I love the graffiti in this! The graffiti art is impeccable. This one even inspired me to try out a graffiti art of my own (which ended in pure disaster). The crudeness of the art with single colour and not going for usual multi-coloured Graffiti art is not something you see everyday. Yes, I have seen many in black and white, but not quite upto the expectations.

Pepsi India facebook

Just one suggestion I would have here. They could have included the Pepsi Can within the design without just cut-pasting it over the art. Would have been better.

8. Pizza Hut Celebrations

This one even has a story associated with it. For me. So, I was in my office reviewing a kazillion Indian brand pages for this post. KFC came, Dominoes came, Cadbury came. Even Bingo. Nothing happened. But here, the pic had a life. Unlike the other similar pages I reviewed (no offence to others), the pizza here has some freshness about it. It doesn’t feel like some acrylic stuff pasted on a poster.

Pizza Hut Celebrations Facebook

And well, after 20 min there I was in front of the nearest Pizza Hut. Cover Pic Power! So now you know why exactly this one made the list.

9. Samsung Mobile India

This is what I would say as the most complete of all the Cover Pics I reviewed. Looks good, has quality, makes sense, is brand aligned, and gives immense importance to its fans. 10/10

Samsung Mobile India facebook

10. Shoppers Stop

Two things caught my eye here. One, all their Cover Pics are black and white adhering to their branding color. Two, the cover pic in itself represents their tagline “Start Something New”. Loved how they have embedded the meaning in it, at the same time keeping it apparent what the brand is about. Kudos!

Shoppers Stop facebook

That’s my favourite 10 list. Do you think I missed out on something that should have been included?